Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

This pretty much sums it up.

And you're welcome in advance for Buster Poindexter now dancing through your heads!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's not the swine

I've been boxed up the past couple days with the little one. It's nothing, the doc said so this morning. Whatever it was escaped through the window this afternoon (I hope!)! And life will resume to normal tomorrow. F and I have had some serious togetherness the last few. Plenty of walks and not enough naps...but it's actually given me the opportunity to update the ol' bloggeroo.

So wood floors were the one of the greatest decisions prior to moving in.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Been thinking about going brunette for years and just never had the cajones to do it. After asking my favorite photog KLP if she had darkened my hair in some B&Ws and she had actually lightened it - well, that sealed the deal. I've officially joined the darkside. Our self portrait.

We've hit the crossroads with age. 13months! We survived the first year. YAY us. :) We've kept the kid alive for a whole year! Yaaaaahhoooo. Parenting is crazy.

I must say though, I never quite understood why asking someone how old their child was and they said "14months" - why not a just year? I mean, I don't reply with 351 months when asked. Not that anyone asks my age anymore (29 yrs and 3 mo. for those trying the math) but it seems silly to me. Add this to my pet peeve list. I've been trying not to use the month as age when asked. But it's damn near impossible because after my response of a year, the next question is how many months. ugh.

Moving along, F is finally moving into the actual toddler moves. She's flipping all over the place, (finally) sitting herself up in the crib, cruising the furniture - albeit gingerly - but cruising nonetheless. I couldn't be happier! I'm beginning to think she might not be as spiteful as originally thought. Hopefully we'll have a walker soon! I CAN'T WAIT! Don't worry, you'll be the second or third to know.


Bring it on.

This post is dedicated to Uncle Bud.

The apple certainly doesn't fall far from the tree, F is a die hard Laker fan. Her first game was 5 months in utero. It's pretty much in her blood.

During the 2008 playoffs:

And for the 2009 playoffs, your lucky charm....let's bring it home this year boys!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

I just can't believe how fast the year has passed! Happy Birthday little one!
It seems like we were just bringing her home from the hospital...oh, don't get me wrong, I don't want to go back now. It's great to have a 1 year old!

As I compiled the last 11 posts from my monthly emails, it really makes me feel happy.
Happy we made it.
Happy we don't have feedings every couple hours.
Happy F is the greatest little girl.
(Not so) happy for these dark circles under my eyes.
And extremely fortunate to have a healthy little family. We've successfully made it through the first year of parenthood! Yay us! C and I have something special, I feel incredibly lucky to share this amazing journey with him.

This blog will be replacing the monthly emails, I plan on posting more than once a month - even if it is just a pic. Check back often, become a fan and follow us through JustAnAugerDay.

xoxo always.

T-minus 23 days

Originally sent 03.03.09

And we'll have a 1 year old! Could a year have passed already? WOW.No joke.Time flies.
One, two-three, four-five-six-seven-eight
Then, there’s nine!
Counting’s really great
With numbers,
When you have numbers,
Then you can count!
…And count AGAIN!
Lather, rinse and Repeat. And repeat......AND repeat.
Thanks to the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn table, I have a new favorite ditty. I'll find myself singing it at 3 in the afternoon. Man, I love that song sooooooo much.

A short month = a quick recap:
Successfully broke 5 teeth in one week. Yup, we survived.
Move in a forward motion. Sometimes on the belly and sometimes on butt. But who cares? I love it!
Blowing kisses. Instantly changes a bad morning to good.
Completed her first modeling session. See attached.
I am fortunate that one of my greatest friends is also one of the most talented photographers in the area. We hung out one rainy afternoon and shot some family pics. The last 11 months of me nearly blinding her with my own camera has definitely paid off. Fallon was great and fully cooperated with my/our wild ideas.

Isn't she SO cute? I love this kid.

Kisses for you and me

Originally sent on 02.04.09

Eesh. February already?! Where is the year going?

F is awesome. We're struggling to escape the flu season relatively unscathed, is it summertime yet? We're all alive and well.
10 months! She's officially been outta utero longer than she was cooking. Which means I've officially known her twice as long as you. Neener neener neener! :)

She's as defiant as ever in the crawling department. She knows how badly we want her running around so she's decided not to crawl to spite us. Typical. Just as hard headed as C and I. I don't know why I thought she'd be different, after all 1 + 1 = 2.
Although by that logic she is going to be twice as stubborn. Scratch that. I don't want her to We can skip it. Although she is loving the wood flooring. She scoots herself all over the living room but backwards. One of these days she'll surprise us and end up in her room around 7:30 and put herself to bed. Ah, that'll be the day!

We were at Supermex a couple weeks ago. C said, 'hey watch what F does,' asked her for a kiss and sure enough she leaned in mouth wide open and planted one on him. Of course, I'm jealous. Why did I not know this?!!?!! I want one so I puckered up and leaned in. What did she do? Turned her head. I was heartbroken. There is no way I was going to leave before I got smooch from the little one. After getting denied three times, I gave up and we called it a night. I was determined to get a kiss. She was feeling generous the next day and planted one on me. Being the greedy
mom I am, I asked for more and got them. She must have used her quota up on me because C was the unfortunate soul that day, not one. But as the days progress her quota seems to increase and now she'll give anyone a kiss who asks for them. Be warned, if you ask be prepared for a little tongue. She prefers the way the French kiss.

It's funny how things are starting to click. After months and months of not knowing if my singing/talking/charade-type instruction are doing anything at all. Unless of course you're peeping though a window and think I'm a loon. I was getting her ready for her bath the other night and asked her where her belly button was. Thinking like every.other.night. for the past 10 months she'd just look at me blankly with a gummy grin. Not this night, nope she went grabbing her belly! Success!!!!! She's so cute.

You know from following her story she's likes nothing to be little. Started with her cheeks then moving onto pneumonia - it's all go big or go home. Why should teething be any different? At the moment, she collectively has 3 teeth. If you count the 5 white blisters on her gums she's going to have 8 in no time. Yes, we're sleeping that much these days. Those tough mornings I ask for 10 kisses before I drop her off and the hard night disappears from memory.

Hope you're all well. Geez, I'm long winded these days. If you made it this far, I'd love to hear how you and yours are doing. Shoot me a line!

pneumonia-free and loving it

Originally sent 01.07.09

Happy New Year! Hope you and yours had a great holiday season!!!

For us, it was a crazy one! As you may or may not know, we closed escrow Dec.19th! Needless to say, it was a 55-day rollercoaster with sellers who definitely made it a memorable experience. In the end, we closed and they moved out (on time!!!) so we didn't have evict squatters. Alright, I'm exaggerating slightly but not that much. Thankfully we had an amazing agent that made it more than tolerable. If you're looking for real estate, I have your gal!
In tune with moving, Time Warner - who was our connection to the outside world (read: internet, phone and cable service) - cut us off service a week early and couldn't transfer service to the new pad (reason this email is so late and lengthy).
We're without internet at the house, oh the horror! Honestly, I don't know how the world functioned before the world was accessible at the click of a mouse. Who uses 411 to find anything these days? Like, what is the closest pizza joint that delivers to the new pad? Priorities, right? I'm feeling lost and less capable without it.
On a much lighter note, we were able to celebrate the holidays with the family. It was so great to see everyone! It really is the most wonderful time of the year. F seems to enjoy the gifts that we, err Santa, got her. The holidays didn't last long enough as we were back to work on the new house getting ready for move in. A HUGE SHOUT OUT to our family and friends that donated countless hours of daily priming, painting and putting in the extra-special elbow grease to get us moved in by the 4th!!!! We certainly couldn't have done it without them or their muscles. All the hard work is SO appreciated and we are grateful to have such amazing people in our lives!
We just had F's 9-month well check. She's pneumonia-free (YAY!!) healthy and progressing at a great pace. She's in the 90th percentile for height and 75th for weight. Which nearly knocked my socks off because at 20lbs 4oz I thought she'd be off the charts....but her Doctor is incredible and puts me in my place. She's got a lifetime ahead of her to worry about fitting into a size . She's healthy and has cheeks other babies drool over. That is all that matters!!!
Thanks to Time Warner's ever-so-customer-friendly service and unwillingness to get us back to the digital era (I can't bash them enough). Since we're internetless I'm limited to pics of F, they're stuck on the home mac.
My promise to you is to inundate your in boxes with her 10 month email in a few weeks...kidding, kind of.
I leave you this one pic, F and Santa. He didn't appear so large in person but what's that saying? A camera adds 10lbs or 100? I can't remember which. In either case, he's a big guy.
Hope the New Year brings nothing but great health and happiness to you.

From Chiclet to Chiclets

Originally sent 12.03.08

Hope each of you had a great Thanksgiving!

Well as the title indicated, F went from tooth to teeth this month. Two to be exact!

Last month I prematurely mentioned that F was on the upswing health-wise. Shortly after, she had a follow up visit to the doc that included another chest x-ray 'just to ensure the left lung was healing/healed'. While the left lobe was nearly clear the right was now infected! Ugh. No, double UGH! It was a sucker punch to the stomach, totally unexpected.
Back to breathing treatments 3x a day and another round of antibiotics. Poor baby! Thankfully the right lung wasn't nearly as severe as the left originally and didn't warrant daily visits to the doc's office for monitoring.
We've been put under strict orders to not bring her out to public areas, large gatherings (have you met our families????!!!!) and to not even think of the word flu for at least six weeks. Perfect. Thanksgiving was in a week and half and Christmas five. What are we going to do with her? Lockdown: take two.

Needless to say, we've been keeping things mellow, limiting visits and been trying to protect her from relapsing yet again. Today's visit to the doc indicated she's doing much better and needs one more chest x-ray to officially clear her from pneumonia. Wish F luck! Let's just hope there are no more surprises at the radiologist office.

I know it's obligatory for every parent to say they have the best child - but seriously, we have the greatest baby ever! Fighting such a severe cold and pneumonia at such a young age and still able to smile every morning. She is just so special. We have so many things to be thankful for this year. We can only hope that Jan. 1 brings a fresh start for baby girl.

No monthly update would be complete without order.

It's amazing the expressions this little one comes up with. Even more amazing we're able to hold the camera up at just the right time.

Showing off her spoon to mouth action. Gotta keeps these cheeks!

How can you not love a naked baby?

Holiday time brings a F favorite, winter squash and (TJ's Candy Cane Joe Joe's for the folks)!

I had to squeeze myself in there, I love this one!

We wish each of you a great holiday!

(Not so) Lucky 7

Originally sent 11.03.08

F's 7th month of life certainly was a wild one. We hoped thought that the fever that took us through 6 was the worst that we'd see this flu season. We were wrong. Poor baby girl was diagnosed with pneumonia after a chest cold settled in her lungs. Breathing treatments have since become part of our daily routine. 10ish nights of little-to-no sleep plus a teething baby does not equal a happy house. Yup, you read that correctly. On the 10th day F broke her first tooth. The walls even sighed relief that Sunday more 12:30am screaming! F FINALLY had slept through the night again.
Teething sucks. There's no way around it. One baby tooth down, 19 to go. Wish us luck!
The first pic is F with her trusty nebulizer. The second is her showing off her first tooth.

Other than being on house arrest for a better part of 2 weeks, we managed to take F to the pumpkin farm. I can't wait until next year when she'll be running through the corn maze and hopping on pumpkins!

Finally we rounded out the month with Halloween. Little F was a panda bear. Surprisingly, she didn't hate the costume and wore the hat without fuss. She had her first costume party at daycare - what a lucky girl!

Hopefully this month will give us happier news to report!
Take care, be healthy and VOTE!

Fever Queen

Originally sent 10.06.08

...Another month bites the dust,
Another month bites the dust,
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another month bites the dust...

6 months!

It's been yet another crazy month. Weddings, birthdays and our anniversary...oh my!

F has conquered rice cereal and is starting to take on veggies. Peas were her first green feat - so far she's liking what she's tasting. I never knew the slow methodical process that is solid food. Introducing one at a time and *waiting* for an allergic reaction. Being the 21st century, you'd think there would be more of a science to it. This feed her and cross-your-fingers-and-hope-
for-no-allergic-reaction seems a bit backward if you ask me. But what do I know? I do numbers, not science.

Unfortunately, F met her first fever and she didn't like it. Neither did we. And when I say we, I mean me and my immune system (IS). Apparently, the IS of a six month old is substantially better than that of a 28-year old. She passed along her day and half bug to yours truly. Me on the other hand, missed more days of work than I ever have. Ever. I was laid out for 4 days....hopefully we're done with the bug in our house. We were on lock down all last week. But even as a sicky she is a little doll face.

On to happier news, she's sitting up unassisted and loving life from the newest angle. It's got to be great to see the world right side up!

Hope you and yours are happy and healthy.

Found: the bird and toes

Originally sent 09.02.08

Where did the summer go?! I can't believe Labor Day has come and gone....and F is now 5 months! Don't blink, she's going to be 18 and off to college soon enough.

She's still keeps us laughing daily. It's amazing to watch firsts through the eyes of a little one - August has been a very eventful month.

Not too long into her fifth month of life did she decide to take after Daddy and his bad habits. No this picture wasn't staged...yes, she's giving me the bird. As if the constant screaming now that she's found her lungs have a function other than breathing weren't bad enough. The screaming is now teamed with hand gestures. **Disclaimer** This picture will only continue to be funny until she actually learns what it means - I'm not ready to give up my MOTYA (mother-of-the-year-award) just yet. I'm still trying to find the milestone page in F's Baby Journal where I can properly record this date. So, I turn to you to share this proud moment!

On to something actually record worthy in said journal, she found her toes! I couldn't wait for the day she decided her toes were more appetizing than her fingers. The morning finally came not to long after the bird incident. First it started with a grab and within days a full fledged suck. I was so proud! FINALLY, something I could jot down in the journal. She IS 'normal' after all.

And as with every August, we made the trek up to Mammoth for our family trip. The farthest car ride to date was to the lake a 4.5ish hour trip, tacking on an additional 1.5+ hours could be an earth shattering difference. Thankfully, we have a baby that doesn't mind the car and we successfully survived without too much lung strain. The last few pics are of us enjoying the amazing gift Mother Nature has shared with us, Mammoth.

Hope you, too, had a great summer!


Graduating and Hangers

Originally sent 07.28.08

Another month come and gone, F is doing great! A few highlights....

She has graduated from her swing to the bouncing chair. It only took a few minutes for her to fall in love with the bounce. I think it's going to be a semi-permanent fixture to our living space. Although I'm not sure who's more entertained, her or C and me. Just the first of many laughs at our little one's expense; the joys of parenthood!

She's won her first wet t-shirt contest, this girl can drool! For your pleasure, she's showing off her talents with a hanger below. Next step will be teaching her to suck them back a la Big Daddy.

She's starting to find her giggle. Grandpa D is great at getting them out of her. If baby laughs could be bottled the world would be a happier place!

Already showing signs of rebellion, she's sporting her Sex Pistols onesie. Doesn't she look tough?

Hope all is well! Looking forward to hearing how life is treating you.

Until next time!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Strength, Daddy Love and First Day

Originally sent 06.30.08

Another month has passed and F is getting so big! She's getting stronger by the day, holding her head up and no longer being held like a 'baby'. She's found her hands and can be found most often slurping away on her fingers.

C enjoyed his first Father's Day with the sweetest cuddle...she has to know she has him wrapped around her finger already!

I returned to work this week and F had her first day at Julie's daycare! We enjoyed one last snuggle this morning before we walked out the door. She was such a good girl, we are so lucky to have her in our lives!

Smiles and Boat Rides

Originally sent 05.18.08

Time seems to fly, I'm not sure if it is the lack of sleep or the constant diaper changes...hmm, when I figure it out I'll let you know. Nevertheless, the last 8 weeks have been amazing!
F started smiling (on purpose!!) last week and just this morning long enough for me to capture a couple pictures. I wish you could bottle up coos and laughs, they are contagious. No doubt, this world would be a happier place!
We took her out to Grandma and Grandpa's lake house this weekend. It was hot but she faired well and loved being on the water, we're looking forward to our next trip!

Hope this email finds you well!
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