pneumonia-free and loving it

Originally sent 01.07.09

Happy New Year! Hope you and yours had a great holiday season!!!

For us, it was a crazy one! As you may or may not know, we closed escrow Dec.19th! Needless to say, it was a 55-day rollercoaster with sellers who definitely made it a memorable experience. In the end, we closed and they moved out (on time!!!) so we didn't have evict squatters. Alright, I'm exaggerating slightly but not that much. Thankfully we had an amazing agent that made it more than tolerable. If you're looking for real estate, I have your gal!
In tune with moving, Time Warner - who was our connection to the outside world (read: internet, phone and cable service) - cut us off service a week early and couldn't transfer service to the new pad (reason this email is so late and lengthy).
We're without internet at the house, oh the horror! Honestly, I don't know how the world functioned before the world was accessible at the click of a mouse. Who uses 411 to find anything these days? Like, what is the closest pizza joint that delivers to the new pad? Priorities, right? I'm feeling lost and less capable without it.
On a much lighter note, we were able to celebrate the holidays with the family. It was so great to see everyone! It really is the most wonderful time of the year. F seems to enjoy the gifts that we, err Santa, got her. The holidays didn't last long enough as we were back to work on the new house getting ready for move in. A HUGE SHOUT OUT to our family and friends that donated countless hours of daily priming, painting and putting in the extra-special elbow grease to get us moved in by the 4th!!!! We certainly couldn't have done it without them or their muscles. All the hard work is SO appreciated and we are grateful to have such amazing people in our lives!
We just had F's 9-month well check. She's pneumonia-free (YAY!!) healthy and progressing at a great pace. She's in the 90th percentile for height and 75th for weight. Which nearly knocked my socks off because at 20lbs 4oz I thought she'd be off the charts....but her Doctor is incredible and puts me in my place. She's got a lifetime ahead of her to worry about fitting into a size . She's healthy and has cheeks other babies drool over. That is all that matters!!!
Thanks to Time Warner's ever-so-customer-friendly service and unwillingness to get us back to the digital era (I can't bash them enough). Since we're internetless I'm limited to pics of F, they're stuck on the home mac.
My promise to you is to inundate your in boxes with her 10 month email in a few weeks...kidding, kind of.
I leave you this one pic, F and Santa. He didn't appear so large in person but what's that saying? A camera adds 10lbs or 100? I can't remember which. In either case, he's a big guy.
Hope the New Year brings nothing but great health and happiness to you.


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