T-minus 23 days

Originally sent 03.03.09

And we'll have a 1 year old! Could a year have passed already? WOW.No joke.Time flies.
One, two-three, four-five-six-seven-eight
Then, there’s nine!
Counting’s really great
With numbers,
When you have numbers,
Then you can count!
…And count AGAIN!
Lather, rinse and Repeat. And repeat......AND repeat.
Thanks to the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn table, I have a new favorite ditty. I'll find myself singing it at 3 in the afternoon. Man, I love that song sooooooo much.

A short month = a quick recap:
Successfully broke 5 teeth in one week. Yup, we survived.
Move in a forward motion. Sometimes on the belly and sometimes on butt. But who cares? I love it!
Blowing kisses. Instantly changes a bad morning to good.
Completed her first modeling session. See attached.
I am fortunate that one of my greatest friends is also one of the most talented photographers in the area. We hung out one rainy afternoon and shot some family pics. The last 11 months of me nearly blinding her with my own camera has definitely paid off. Fallon was great and fully cooperated with my/our wild ideas.

Isn't she SO cute? I love this kid.


Erin said…
I just randomly stumbled upon your blog, and I have to tell you that your baby girl is the most precious child I've ever seen! Your blog makes me think I might like to entertain the idea of being a mommy one of these days. Thanks for the sweetness! :)

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