Graduating and Hangers

Originally sent 07.28.08

Another month come and gone, F is doing great! A few highlights....

She has graduated from her swing to the bouncing chair. It only took a few minutes for her to fall in love with the bounce. I think it's going to be a semi-permanent fixture to our living space. Although I'm not sure who's more entertained, her or C and me. Just the first of many laughs at our little one's expense; the joys of parenthood!

She's won her first wet t-shirt contest, this girl can drool! For your pleasure, she's showing off her talents with a hanger below. Next step will be teaching her to suck them back a la Big Daddy.

She's starting to find her giggle. Grandpa D is great at getting them out of her. If baby laughs could be bottled the world would be a happier place!

Already showing signs of rebellion, she's sporting her Sex Pistols onesie. Doesn't she look tough?

Hope all is well! Looking forward to hearing how life is treating you.

Until next time!


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