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Originally sent 12.03.08

Hope each of you had a great Thanksgiving!

Well as the title indicated, F went from tooth to teeth this month. Two to be exact!

Last month I prematurely mentioned that F was on the upswing health-wise. Shortly after, she had a follow up visit to the doc that included another chest x-ray 'just to ensure the left lung was healing/healed'. While the left lobe was nearly clear the right was now infected! Ugh. No, double UGH! It was a sucker punch to the stomach, totally unexpected.
Back to breathing treatments 3x a day and another round of antibiotics. Poor baby! Thankfully the right lung wasn't nearly as severe as the left originally and didn't warrant daily visits to the doc's office for monitoring.
We've been put under strict orders to not bring her out to public areas, large gatherings (have you met our families????!!!!) and to not even think of the word flu for at least six weeks. Perfect. Thanksgiving was in a week and half and Christmas five. What are we going to do with her? Lockdown: take two.

Needless to say, we've been keeping things mellow, limiting visits and been trying to protect her from relapsing yet again. Today's visit to the doc indicated she's doing much better and needs one more chest x-ray to officially clear her from pneumonia. Wish F luck! Let's just hope there are no more surprises at the radiologist office.

I know it's obligatory for every parent to say they have the best child - but seriously, we have the greatest baby ever! Fighting such a severe cold and pneumonia at such a young age and still able to smile every morning. She is just so special. We have so many things to be thankful for this year. We can only hope that Jan. 1 brings a fresh start for baby girl.

No monthly update would be complete without order.

It's amazing the expressions this little one comes up with. Even more amazing we're able to hold the camera up at just the right time.

Showing off her spoon to mouth action. Gotta keeps these cheeks!

How can you not love a naked baby?

Holiday time brings a F favorite, winter squash and (TJ's Candy Cane Joe Joe's for the folks)!

I had to squeeze myself in there, I love this one!

We wish each of you a great holiday!


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