Found: the bird and toes

Originally sent 09.02.08

Where did the summer go?! I can't believe Labor Day has come and gone....and F is now 5 months! Don't blink, she's going to be 18 and off to college soon enough.

She's still keeps us laughing daily. It's amazing to watch firsts through the eyes of a little one - August has been a very eventful month.

Not too long into her fifth month of life did she decide to take after Daddy and his bad habits. No this picture wasn't staged...yes, she's giving me the bird. As if the constant screaming now that she's found her lungs have a function other than breathing weren't bad enough. The screaming is now teamed with hand gestures. **Disclaimer** This picture will only continue to be funny until she actually learns what it means - I'm not ready to give up my MOTYA (mother-of-the-year-award) just yet. I'm still trying to find the milestone page in F's Baby Journal where I can properly record this date. So, I turn to you to share this proud moment!

On to something actually record worthy in said journal, she found her toes! I couldn't wait for the day she decided her toes were more appetizing than her fingers. The morning finally came not to long after the bird incident. First it started with a grab and within days a full fledged suck. I was so proud! FINALLY, something I could jot down in the journal. She IS 'normal' after all.

And as with every August, we made the trek up to Mammoth for our family trip. The farthest car ride to date was to the lake a 4.5ish hour trip, tacking on an additional 1.5+ hours could be an earth shattering difference. Thankfully, we have a baby that doesn't mind the car and we successfully survived without too much lung strain. The last few pics are of us enjoying the amazing gift Mother Nature has shared with us, Mammoth.

Hope you, too, had a great summer!



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