Kisses for you and me

Originally sent on 02.04.09

Eesh. February already?! Where is the year going?

F is awesome. We're struggling to escape the flu season relatively unscathed, is it summertime yet? We're all alive and well.
10 months! She's officially been outta utero longer than she was cooking. Which means I've officially known her twice as long as you. Neener neener neener! :)

She's as defiant as ever in the crawling department. She knows how badly we want her running around so she's decided not to crawl to spite us. Typical. Just as hard headed as C and I. I don't know why I thought she'd be different, after all 1 + 1 = 2.
Although by that logic she is going to be twice as stubborn. Scratch that. I don't want her to We can skip it. Although she is loving the wood flooring. She scoots herself all over the living room but backwards. One of these days she'll surprise us and end up in her room around 7:30 and put herself to bed. Ah, that'll be the day!

We were at Supermex a couple weeks ago. C said, 'hey watch what F does,' asked her for a kiss and sure enough she leaned in mouth wide open and planted one on him. Of course, I'm jealous. Why did I not know this?!!?!! I want one so I puckered up and leaned in. What did she do? Turned her head. I was heartbroken. There is no way I was going to leave before I got smooch from the little one. After getting denied three times, I gave up and we called it a night. I was determined to get a kiss. She was feeling generous the next day and planted one on me. Being the greedy
mom I am, I asked for more and got them. She must have used her quota up on me because C was the unfortunate soul that day, not one. But as the days progress her quota seems to increase and now she'll give anyone a kiss who asks for them. Be warned, if you ask be prepared for a little tongue. She prefers the way the French kiss.

It's funny how things are starting to click. After months and months of not knowing if my singing/talking/charade-type instruction are doing anything at all. Unless of course you're peeping though a window and think I'm a loon. I was getting her ready for her bath the other night and asked her where her belly button was. Thinking like every.other.night. for the past 10 months she'd just look at me blankly with a gummy grin. Not this night, nope she went grabbing her belly! Success!!!!! She's so cute.

You know from following her story she's likes nothing to be little. Started with her cheeks then moving onto pneumonia - it's all go big or go home. Why should teething be any different? At the moment, she collectively has 3 teeth. If you count the 5 white blisters on her gums she's going to have 8 in no time. Yes, we're sleeping that much these days. Those tough mornings I ask for 10 kisses before I drop her off and the hard night disappears from memory.

Hope you're all well. Geez, I'm long winded these days. If you made it this far, I'd love to hear how you and yours are doing. Shoot me a line!


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