(Not so) Lucky 7

Originally sent 11.03.08

F's 7th month of life certainly was a wild one. We hoped thought that the fever that took us through 6 was the worst that we'd see this flu season. We were wrong. Poor baby girl was diagnosed with pneumonia after a chest cold settled in her lungs. Breathing treatments have since become part of our daily routine. 10ish nights of little-to-no sleep plus a teething baby does not equal a happy house. Yup, you read that correctly. On the 10th day F broke her first tooth. The walls even sighed relief that Sunday morning...no more 12:30am screaming! F FINALLY had slept through the night again.
Teething sucks. There's no way around it. One baby tooth down, 19 to go. Wish us luck!
The first pic is F with her trusty nebulizer. The second is her showing off her first tooth.

Other than being on house arrest for a better part of 2 weeks, we managed to take F to the pumpkin farm. I can't wait until next year when she'll be running through the corn maze and hopping on pumpkins! So.much.fun.

Finally we rounded out the month with Halloween. Little F was a panda bear. Surprisingly, she didn't hate the costume and wore the hat without fuss. She had her first costume party at daycare - what a lucky girl!

Hopefully this month will give us happier news to report!
Take care, be healthy and VOTE!


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