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Mo' Years, Mo' Problems

I have contemplated starting a new blog. To have a feeling of a fresh beginning, clean slate, new day....but let's be honest, all the baggage laid out in this blog from year's past is really a foundation of where I am today. My thoughts have graduated from keeping babies alive the best way I know how to now navigating in a very foreign territory: 6/9yr old feelings, elementary school relationships, tiffs and all sorts of things I don't have the succinct memory experiencing.

If I close my eyes real tight and think about my first elementary school memory it was 3rd grade. I remember a boy ran the playground touting the tooth fairy wasn't real. That spurred the question about all the other fairies, bunnies AND good ol' St. Nicholas. I remember being devastated. Aside from that conversation, I'm blank until 4th/5th grade. My elementary school bestie is in that memory bank from Kinder but that's still spotty of our early years but our class pictures together te…

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