It's not the swine

I've been boxed up the past couple days with the little one. It's nothing, the doc said so this morning. Whatever it was escaped through the window this afternoon (I hope!)! And life will resume to normal tomorrow. F and I have had some serious togetherness the last few. Plenty of walks and not enough naps...but it's actually given me the opportunity to update the ol' bloggeroo.

So wood floors were the one of the greatest decisions prior to moving in.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Been thinking about going brunette for years and just never had the cajones to do it. After asking my favorite photog KLP if she had darkened my hair in some B&Ws and she had actually lightened it - well, that sealed the deal. I've officially joined the darkside. Our self portrait.

We've hit the crossroads with age. 13months! We survived the first year. YAY us. :) We've kept the kid alive for a whole year! Yaaaaahhoooo. Parenting is crazy.

I must say though, I never quite understood why asking someone how old their child was and they said "14months" - why not a just year? I mean, I don't reply with 351 months when asked. Not that anyone asks my age anymore (29 yrs and 3 mo. for those trying the math) but it seems silly to me. Add this to my pet peeve list. I've been trying not to use the month as age when asked. But it's damn near impossible because after my response of a year, the next question is how many months. ugh.

Moving along, F is finally moving into the actual toddler moves. She's flipping all over the place, (finally) sitting herself up in the crib, cruising the furniture - albeit gingerly - but cruising nonetheless. I couldn't be happier! I'm beginning to think she might not be as spiteful as originally thought. Hopefully we'll have a walker soon! I CAN'T WAIT! Don't worry, you'll be the second or third to know.



kristina said…
love the dark hari and LOVE THE SHIT out of both of you!

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