Friday, December 24, 2010

merriest christmas to you

Hope you all were good girls & boys this year. Wishing lots of love and happiness to you in 2011.


Sunday, December 19, 2010


So we took the girls to meet Santa this past weekend. Sure the quality of the pic is nothing special but I love that this particular Santa seems to remember Fallon from year to year. Same dude. Fun, right?

I think her nerves were getting to her, she's peeking in to see what was going on.
Inching her way to see

This is how the conversation went with the big fella.

Santa: Fal what would you like for Christmas?
Fal: Presents.
Santa: ::looks at me:: What was that?
Me: She doesn't discriminate. She said 'presents'.
Santa: HoHoHo.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 17, 2010

sing sing

Turn your volume to low and adjust as your ears can handle. Consider yourself warned.

Class full of screaming - I mean singing - 3 year old kids below. I must admit a couple things.

1. I'm didn't think I'd be that mom that would vie for a spot and be pushy about it. Well, I did nudge my way up as much as me + Deuce in the Ergo could nudge, anyway. The upside of preschool performances I've learned is that parent's get the hell outta dodge as soon as their kid is done. F was in the 4th class to perform. Perfect for us.

2. I didn't think that kids shrieking holiday tunes could be cute. I was wrong. (and now that I watch this, I think you had to be there to appreciate it AND have some blood relation to said child)

3. I'm happy my kid wasn't the one digging for gold. On stage. Just before the teacher queued singing. I'm not judging.

4. I'm much happier my kid is the one distracted family members found in the audience. It's a smidge blurry from the hub's insistence of ultra-zoom on the new camera but check her face light up when she notices, Daddy, me, Grandma and cousin M in the audience. Even if it was in the middle of Jingle Bells...and her incessant stomping is the bells strapped to her ankle. You know, kinda like house arrest bracelet? haha.

winter sing from jaugs on Vimeo.

Showing off to cousin her snowflake shirt afterward.
blog singsing1

My parents always brought me flowers after my school and dance performances. It was sweet to see her receive her first flowers from Grandma & Poppa.

Showing off her class projects to anyone who would follow her around the classroom :)
She totally colored in that face on the marshmallow snowman. True story.

Who needs to stay in the stinkin' lines?

Our little snowflakes.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tis' the Season

We took the girlies to see a neighborhood decked in lights. Apparently most of the 'hood only turns their lights on Thursday - Sunday because we saw loads of dark but lighted houses. I don't blame them, the single string of lights we have on our house jacks up our electric bill enough. I couldn't imagine doing it Griswold-style.

Here are a couple of mention.

F just about tinkled herself over the lights. This holiday season is the best yet. She gets it! :)


This tree twinkled to Charlie Brown Christmas and other holiday favorites a la youtube sensation a five years ago.

And this has got to be the ultimate. I will forever keep this as the standard for home holiday decor. The hubs will need to get to crackin' because this MUST be our set up next year. I'll even give in to more than a single strand of lights....nothing says Tis' the Season quite like a baby in a manger, Teletubbies, Barney the Dinosaur and a handful of Disney's family. W.T.F.
Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

the difference between 4 & 5 is huge

It's wild how many things changed from 4 months to 5. Deuce is a baby now. Like a real baby. LOL.

At 4 months, she was starting to roll, sleeping in our room and still swinging in the baby swing.

She has since moved out of our room, sleeps a bit more each night, ditched the swing and the Puj tub, loves hanging on her belly - tries to get herself up on her knees - putting anything and everything into her mouth (including her toes, my favorite milestone!) and sitting unassisted. That is some serious progress in four short weeks.

Here's a pictorial of the last month. She doesn't need much from me anymore, other than milk of course.

I'm not exactly sure what it is about toes in the mouth and babies. It has to be my favorite milestone. I'm not your average bear, I know. I had her on the bed and ran into the other room to grab a diaper. I return to this! It MADE my morning.
The obligatory sibling tub shot.
Tummy time with Gunny. He loves his little sissy.
These two are going to be trouble together.
Big trouble.

I promise to be a better blogger.
I promise to be a better blogger.
I promise to be a better blogger.
I promise to be a better blogger.

We'll see how this goes.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I think I forgot how to blog...

I only posted 4 times in November. FOUR? I've had post phobia. I've actually opened my blogger 3 times this weekend for the most massive update and closed out. I'm not sure where to start or catch up. Hell, is anyone reading this deserted space in the world wide web any more?

Thankgod November is over. I think the hubs and I slept a total of 8 hours the entire month. I wish that was a joke. Looking back, I couldn't type anything because I had quite a pissy outlook at life. The combo of dog-tired parents and an iron-willed two-year-old is not a pretty one.

I wasn't sure if I was going to post about this and I'm not ever sure every detail will surface here. I suppose if you want to to know more you can ask. I'll be more than happy to share the nitty gritty if there are any questions.

We have a head banger. It hurts me to type that. We read just about every article I've found on the subject. Here are a couple quickie Q&As if you care to see what it is. Click here and here and here. Head banging and two year nighttime tantrums are damn near lethal together.

It's scary. It sucks. And there is nothing we can do about it but hope and wish that this phase will pass as quickly as it came on. The funny (well not funny at all, really) thing is that she started this so late in the game - like at 31 months.

Anyway, these fits started one early early morning around 1AM and carried on for 1.5 - 2 hours. It continued nightly for about a 7 or 8 week period. Yes, you read that right. The best part about it for me is that she timed these nighttime tantrums exactly between Deuce's nightly feeding. I'm fairly certain I didn't sleep from 12:30AM - 4:30AM for weeks. And up until that first night it happened, she had been an all-night sleeper since 8 weeks. We never had a sleeping problem with her. Ever. No Ferber or any other sleep training method was necessary from the get go.

During the daylight hours she is the sweet angel you all know and love. Not one person I've talked to about it hasn't needed me to pick up their jaw when they listen to her story. Not a one. She is fantastic for her teachers, grandparents, friends, aunts, uncles, even the mailman. Everyone. We knew it was bad when the neighbors were talking with us and asking if she was okay - they could hear her screaming from their house. We don't share walls. Her bedroom is in the middle of our house. Who knows where theirs is on their side of the fence....say at least 25 feet? Probably more. Where did this demon come from? Seriously.

Our pediatrician is a godsend. She has called me after hours just to check in, reassure me and hand hold. We had tried just about everything under the sun to get her to sleep but at the same time not give in. We had to break her will. What's stronger than iron? Whatever that is, is what Fal has.

And we won. She might have an iron-will but this mama doesn't like to lose.

I was giving her a bath over Thanksgiving break. She was in a rather pleasant mood and I took full advantage. I was asking her how school was going and other typical questions covering the day. Then out came the gloves, she had no idea where I was going with it. I asked her why she liked to scream in the middle of the night. She didn't reply. I then asked her why she liked to wake up and run around the house and bang her head (on the walls, the bed, the floor?). Here's the part I didn't expect. She looked up from her bath toy coyly smiled and said "because I like to, Mommy." Just like that. I was a mixed bag of happy and pissed at the same time. Happy because the worst case was just thrown out the window. Pissed because she just taken us on the most tireless emotional roller coaster ever. Near two months of questioning every parental decision we had made with her was a mindfuck. On the upside, we don't have to worry about her wavering over picking out colleges?

Now that I knew she was just manipulating us for fun, I decided to really toss the ball in her court and make her think she had the power. I knew she is receptive to charts, she was potty trained in just one. We whipped up a "sleeping chart" the next morning. She'd earn a sticker every morning she woke up in bed without crying, throwing a tantrum in the middle of he night. Whowouldathunk that she would have 7 stickers on that chart since.

It's amazing what sleep can do to one's outlook on life. Let's hope the trend continues.

Now if I can get my 5 month old sleep, I'll be a new woman!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

alive and well

We're alive but the blog seems to be barely holding on. Crazy time around here. Mostly in a good way though, bonus!

Let's see, I left you at preschool. Well, F has been loving it. Coming home and talking about her friends and teachers and snacks and playground and and and. Well, you get the idea. She seems to be happy, so we're happy.

Maybe we can wrap up this month with a pretty little bow. Let's try, shall we? We shall.

Deuce went off to her 4 month appointment. She's following big sis's measurements closely and hanging in the 75% - 50% - 50% range for height, weight and head circumference, respectively. If I had the numbers here I'd share 'em. Something like 13-ish lbs, 24.5inches maybe? She braved the shots like the champion she is. Her reflux is nearly obsolete. Thank heavens. Don't get me wrong she can still projectile spit up with the best of them but the nighttime choking is gone and I'm not jumping two feet in the air when she burps. It's kind of nice, actually.

I don't have many more details from the appointment, since the hubs took her in. This is the first ever appointment I've missed for either of the girls. I was super bummed but I was called in for a second (SECOND!) interview for a job that I really really wanted - it had to be a no brainer. When the hubs got home from the appointment I grilled him with the questions I would have asked the doc. You know, the ones that you're supposed to ask at 4 months. Sleeping, starting solids, what's her tylenol dosage for her weight? Details. The important ones. Nada. He said, "she said she was perfect and healthy. What more do we need to know?" Touche.

What did we do next? We put those 4 month vaccines to the ultimate test and took the girls to the happiest place on earth!

Big sis tested her fishing skillz. She'd make her Uncle Bud proud and snagged the biggest prize they offered down at Goofy's fishing hole.
You think that $2.50 to play a cheesy fishing game was a rip off? Well she scored this prize on one play, take that Disneyland! haha.
Not too shabby for two and a half bucks, right?
While she played (and lost) her next game, I intro'd Deuce to Goofy.
Her head was practically spinning in circles - that smile didn't leave her face all day. It was awesome.
It's a mall worl'.
Undoubtedly, the favorite. Carousel. Once in California Adventure and once in Disneyland.
but I must be getting old. These things seem to be smaller and faster every time I ride with her. So Daddy and I traded.
I had never noticed how miserable people are at Disneyland. Given that 70% of my day was hanging on benches and waltzing around with Deuce, I saw a lot. More yelling, griping, threatening, ugly (not ugly-looks wise, come-on I'm not that bad) people than I had seen in a long time. Ewww. I wonder why? I mean aside from the fact that you're being herd like cattle, subliminally and literally - these people I'm assuming are on vacation and/or not at work. How bad can it be? We had a super fabulous time and didn't let the grumpy peeps pee in our cheerios.
I'm fairly certain this is the kind of happy Walt was hoping to obtain when creating his masterpiece. Shiteating grin happy.
Score one for Disneyland!

Laker season is well on its way. I should have dedicated this post to Uncle Bud. Hey, Marwee will you make sure he checks this one out? Thanks :)
It doesn't seem that long ago that big sis was in this same outfit. Our newest little Laker girl practicing her sitting skillz. She's getting better balance when propped on the couch. She's still got the gangsta lean though. One day.

....and that job I mentioned earlier? I got it! As of December 1, I'll be bringing home the bacon from my couch. Doesn't get much better than that.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

first day at school

I think it has been harder to find a preschool for our 2.5 year old to get into than it was for me to enroll in a UC. No joke.

We've been (im)patiently on a wait list for our top pick for over 6 months, long before she was eligible for their enrollment requirements. A fire was lit under our buns and unfortunately time wasn't on our side to wait any longer so we had to go with our Plan B. Plan B is actually turning out better than what we thought and Deuce will be eligible for enrollment at 6 months. When life hands lemons, make some spiked lemonade. Right? Right.

I'm sure you're wondering how Plan B came about so quickly. Two words. Money talks. Well, I guess that and being at the right place at the right time helps. The stars finally aligned for us and we skipped the wait list. Everyone is entitled to a lucky day once in awhile, I suppose.

Regardless, we've got a preschooler on our hands. A very proud preschooler, in fact.
The obligatory first day of school shots:
Her newest prized possession. I tried my hardest for the owl. It was a no go.
This school thing is serious business, people.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deuce: Watch Me Grow - 4 months

Now that she rolls over, I can't keep her on her back. Sooo, 4 months brings a backside shot.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Houston, we have a roller

Oh mah gah. She's rolling.

It first happened while I was changing her diaper. In fact she was so excited of her new found trick, she managed about five back-to-tummies before I pinned her down and velcro'd her in. The BGs are pretty bulky and kept her from showing off her skillz right away. Her determination fits quite nicely around here because come hell or high water she was going to swing that tiny bum over. I have about two dozen 20 second outtakes that I'll spare you of before she finally whipped herself around. As you can see, she was quite proud (as were big sis & I for catching it on film).

Roly Poly from jaugs on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween from our lawn to yours

Oh, Mom. You're not really going to make us do this are you? AND sis?! Don't encourage them by smiling...
Okay, I'll do one. Payback will come in the form of teenage years.

Friday, October 29, 2010

First Pony

So it's been one hell of a couple weeks. Sparing the nitty gritty, it's been stressful and sleepless. Sucks.

However, I got something I had been waiting two and a half looong years for. A ponytail!

Thanks to our friend Di's inspiration, Fal decided she would let me pull her hair back. It only lasted 5 minutes but long enough for me to get 289713 pictures of it.
With all the attention swirling around her and the pony, she twirled for us.
Hopefully, she'll let me do something with her hair again soon.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Found it!

My camera was in my purse. How could I not know it was in my purse? Because I almost exclusively carry the diaper bag. Honestly, I can't even remember taking this particular purse out. I wonder if I did anything fun when I left the house sans babes? Hmmmm.

Our little bitty is so vain. She probably thinks this post is about her.

Here's lookin at you lookin back at me from jaugs on Vimeo.

She somersaults! After a handful of attempts and near misses, she did it and is so proud. Go ahead and ignore the wedge picking afterward. Hahaha. She's going to love these videos when she gets older.

somersault! from jaugs on Vimeo.

Lalalalaaaaaaaa. Here's a little peek into our morning serenade. Hopefully over time she develops tone because this octave all day long is enough to make any one's ears bleed. I mean that in the most sincere loving motherly way, of course.

La Ti Da from jaugs on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's a sneak peek

Halloween was always my favorite holiday. Coming up with creative spins to the traditional costumes became a competition between my friends and I. Then I met my hub. I can count on one hand the number of times I've convinced him to dress for Halloween/theme party. Boo for sticks in the mud.

Then enter children. Happy Halloweens are back!!

This is probably the last year I get to pick Fal's costume and I had to make it good. I'm giddy to get both girls in their costumes for pictures later in the month.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I'm all discombobulated.

I'm missing one of my cameras that has quite a few blog pics to share. I can't blame that as being the reason why I haven't been around. Who knew working a measly 24hrs in the office would throw my world into a tailspin. My other gig is snatching up the remainder of my time. Which is quite possibly the most amazing thing. No complaints here.

Knowing that I've neglected most of September, behold the consolidated month in pictures. Captions as necessary.

sisters are the best!

Zoo. me & my girlie poos.

Fal's first snip is resting in its place.

We went to Balboa to play the arcade....

hey, lady. keep it in your lane. from jaugs on Vimeo.

....and all she got were these lousy prizes.

Bath time is always a hit.

I have hawt friends.

Mickey and Minnie Sunday morning.

This is the life. Giggles, love & nonsense.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Deuce: Watch Me Grow - 3 Months.

I can't believe my baby is 3 months old already. I'm happy and sad all at the same time.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Since I know you've been waiting with bated breath.

I'm testing out posting from my phone. The photo is certainly dark but don't you think my eyebrow scissors did a fab job? Haha.

EDITED: I fixed the spelling. Apparently posting from the phone makes for word a fan job vs. fab job. Perhaps I should stick to the laptop.

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