Tis' the Season

We took the girlies to see a neighborhood decked in lights. Apparently most of the 'hood only turns their lights on Thursday - Sunday because we saw loads of dark but lighted houses. I don't blame them, the single string of lights we have on our house jacks up our electric bill enough. I couldn't imagine doing it Griswold-style.

Here are a couple of mention.

F just about tinkled herself over the lights. This holiday season is the best yet. She gets it! :)


This tree twinkled to Charlie Brown Christmas and other holiday favorites a la youtube sensation a five years ago.

And this has got to be the ultimate. I will forever keep this as the standard for home holiday decor. The hubs will need to get to crackin' because this MUST be our set up next year. I'll even give in to more than a single strand of lights....nothing says Tis' the Season quite like a baby in a manger, Teletubbies, Barney the Dinosaur and a handful of Disney's family. W.T.F.
Happy Holidays to you and yours!!


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