alive and well

We're alive but the blog seems to be barely holding on. Crazy time around here. Mostly in a good way though, bonus!

Let's see, I left you at preschool. Well, F has been loving it. Coming home and talking about her friends and teachers and snacks and playground and and and. Well, you get the idea. She seems to be happy, so we're happy.

Maybe we can wrap up this month with a pretty little bow. Let's try, shall we? We shall.

Deuce went off to her 4 month appointment. She's following big sis's measurements closely and hanging in the 75% - 50% - 50% range for height, weight and head circumference, respectively. If I had the numbers here I'd share 'em. Something like 13-ish lbs, 24.5inches maybe? She braved the shots like the champion she is. Her reflux is nearly obsolete. Thank heavens. Don't get me wrong she can still projectile spit up with the best of them but the nighttime choking is gone and I'm not jumping two feet in the air when she burps. It's kind of nice, actually.

I don't have many more details from the appointment, since the hubs took her in. This is the first ever appointment I've missed for either of the girls. I was super bummed but I was called in for a second (SECOND!) interview for a job that I really really wanted - it had to be a no brainer. When the hubs got home from the appointment I grilled him with the questions I would have asked the doc. You know, the ones that you're supposed to ask at 4 months. Sleeping, starting solids, what's her tylenol dosage for her weight? Details. The important ones. Nada. He said, "she said she was perfect and healthy. What more do we need to know?" Touche.

What did we do next? We put those 4 month vaccines to the ultimate test and took the girls to the happiest place on earth!

Big sis tested her fishing skillz. She'd make her Uncle Bud proud and snagged the biggest prize they offered down at Goofy's fishing hole.
You think that $2.50 to play a cheesy fishing game was a rip off? Well she scored this prize on one play, take that Disneyland! haha.
Not too shabby for two and a half bucks, right?
While she played (and lost) her next game, I intro'd Deuce to Goofy.
Her head was practically spinning in circles - that smile didn't leave her face all day. It was awesome.
It's a mall worl'.
Undoubtedly, the favorite. Carousel. Once in California Adventure and once in Disneyland.
but I must be getting old. These things seem to be smaller and faster every time I ride with her. So Daddy and I traded.
I had never noticed how miserable people are at Disneyland. Given that 70% of my day was hanging on benches and waltzing around with Deuce, I saw a lot. More yelling, griping, threatening, ugly (not ugly-looks wise, come-on I'm not that bad) people than I had seen in a long time. Ewww. I wonder why? I mean aside from the fact that you're being herd like cattle, subliminally and literally - these people I'm assuming are on vacation and/or not at work. How bad can it be? We had a super fabulous time and didn't let the grumpy peeps pee in our cheerios.
I'm fairly certain this is the kind of happy Walt was hoping to obtain when creating his masterpiece. Shiteating grin happy.
Score one for Disneyland!

Laker season is well on its way. I should have dedicated this post to Uncle Bud. Hey, Marwee will you make sure he checks this one out? Thanks :)
It doesn't seem that long ago that big sis was in this same outfit. Our newest little Laker girl practicing her sitting skillz. She's getting better balance when propped on the couch. She's still got the gangsta lean though. One day.

....and that job I mentioned earlier? I got it! As of December 1, I'll be bringing home the bacon from my couch. Doesn't get much better than that.


Super cute pics of Dland as we call it :-) We go ALL THE TIME, seriously it's our 2nd home! We love it!! So congrats on the new job.....what is it??? Working at home??
The Ciunis said…
Congrats on the new job! The Disney pics are so cute!
Jenny said…
Congratulations on EVERYTHING! E-mail me about the new job! So happy for you and your sweet, sweet family!

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