sing sing

Turn your volume to low and adjust as your ears can handle. Consider yourself warned.

Class full of screaming - I mean singing - 3 year old kids below. I must admit a couple things.

1. I'm didn't think I'd be that mom that would vie for a spot and be pushy about it. Well, I did nudge my way up as much as me + Deuce in the Ergo could nudge, anyway. The upside of preschool performances I've learned is that parent's get the hell outta dodge as soon as their kid is done. F was in the 4th class to perform. Perfect for us.

2. I didn't think that kids shrieking holiday tunes could be cute. I was wrong. (and now that I watch this, I think you had to be there to appreciate it AND have some blood relation to said child)

3. I'm happy my kid wasn't the one digging for gold. On stage. Just before the teacher queued singing. I'm not judging.

4. I'm much happier my kid is the one distracted family members found in the audience. It's a smidge blurry from the hub's insistence of ultra-zoom on the new camera but check her face light up when she notices, Daddy, me, Grandma and cousin M in the audience. Even if it was in the middle of Jingle Bells...and her incessant stomping is the bells strapped to her ankle. You know, kinda like house arrest bracelet? haha.

winter sing from jaugs on Vimeo.

Showing off to cousin her snowflake shirt afterward.
blog singsing1

My parents always brought me flowers after my school and dance performances. It was sweet to see her receive her first flowers from Grandma & Poppa.

Showing off her class projects to anyone who would follow her around the classroom :)
She totally colored in that face on the marshmallow snowman. True story.

Who needs to stay in the stinkin' lines?

Our little snowflakes.


Jamie said…
Super cute family picture! Love the gold digger, bet that mom was proud!! I love F's rhythm!!
Abbie Winter said…
oh my goodness, this is toooooo much!!! awesome!! on all accounts! I am impressed those kids remember the words to the songs!!
kristina said…
so her

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