Houston, we have a roller

Oh mah gah. She's rolling.

It first happened while I was changing her diaper. In fact she was so excited of her new found trick, she managed about five back-to-tummies before I pinned her down and velcro'd her in. The BGs are pretty bulky and kept her from showing off her skillz right away. Her determination fits quite nicely around here because come hell or high water she was going to swing that tiny bum over. I have about two dozen 20 second outtakes that I'll spare you of before she finally whipped herself around. As you can see, she was quite proud (as were big sis & I for catching it on film).

Roly Poly from jaugs on Vimeo.


Awwww yay for lil sis!!!! So awesome you caught it on film Jo :-)Love those moments huh<3 Precious!!! You have a beautiful lil girl there. And of course F too!!
The Ciunis said…
YAY!! She's so awesome!

I spend most of my day in a daze of morning sickness and exhaustion. But there is seriously nothing like seeing your tiny babydoll to make me forget it all and get super excited about having an itty bitty. She's just the cutest thing!

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