the difference between 4 & 5 is huge

It's wild how many things changed from 4 months to 5. Deuce is a baby now. Like a real baby. LOL.

At 4 months, she was starting to roll, sleeping in our room and still swinging in the baby swing.

She has since moved out of our room, sleeps a bit more each night, ditched the swing and the Puj tub, loves hanging on her belly - tries to get herself up on her knees - putting anything and everything into her mouth (including her toes, my favorite milestone!) and sitting unassisted. That is some serious progress in four short weeks.

Here's a pictorial of the last month. She doesn't need much from me anymore, other than milk of course.

I'm not exactly sure what it is about toes in the mouth and babies. It has to be my favorite milestone. I'm not your average bear, I know. I had her on the bed and ran into the other room to grab a diaper. I return to this! It MADE my morning.
The obligatory sibling tub shot.
Tummy time with Gunny. He loves his little sissy.
These two are going to be trouble together.
Big trouble.

I promise to be a better blogger.
I promise to be a better blogger.
I promise to be a better blogger.
I promise to be a better blogger.

We'll see how this goes.


Jamie said…
That last shot is priceless!! You are such a lucky mommy to have not one but two of the most beautiful little girls ever!!
Abbie Winter said…
I can't get over how much F looks like you!! They are priceless and I want to eat them both!! Can we set G and B up now? You'd be fun in laws!! :)
PathwaysMom said…
Hi there,
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Happy Holidays!

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