I'm all discombobulated.

I'm missing one of my cameras that has quite a few blog pics to share. I can't blame that as being the reason why I haven't been around. Who knew working a measly 24hrs in the office would throw my world into a tailspin. My other gig is snatching up the remainder of my time. Which is quite possibly the most amazing thing. No complaints here.

Knowing that I've neglected most of September, behold the consolidated month in pictures. Captions as necessary.

sisters are the best!

Zoo. me & my girlie poos.

Fal's first snip is resting in its place.

We went to Balboa to play the arcade....

hey, lady. keep it in your lane. from jaugs on Vimeo.

....and all she got were these lousy prizes.

Bath time is always a hit.

I have hawt friends.

Mickey and Minnie Sunday morning.

This is the life. Giggles, love & nonsense.


The Ciunis said…
Fal looks gorgeous in the photo with her prizes. I especially love it! Also, that My First Curl box is the cutest thing ever! Where did you find it?
You know I'm not sure where it came from, it was given as a gift when she was born. It's in the box, I'll look tonight if it has any vendor info and send you the link.
Here's what I found from digging though google.

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