Friday, July 30, 2010

Evolution of Deuce's belly button

Some of you may have already heard this one...but since she's all healed with a beautiful innie, I don't feel like I'll go straight to hell in Dorthy's handbasket for talking about it.

So, her cord dried and scabbed. No big deal, just as every other baby's does. It even looked the same. See?
Then my pretty girl started to stink and it wasn't just any type of stink. It was a clouded stench like Linus from Peanuts. I had to hold my breath and breathe through my mouth (not kidding) when I was feeding her. Somehow my handsome hubs couldn't smell it. I mean, I know he's a bit wee-bit deaf from Afghanistan but I don't think they took his sense of smell, too.

And then it fell off.

It left behind (for lack of a better description) a penis-looking membrane sticking about a quarter of an inch out of her button. The hubs and I were mortified at the thought of Deuce going through life with this thing pointing through shirts. And bikinis? Forget about it. We decided to see if it was going to dry up and fall off in two stages. I wasn't going to call the doc, just yet.

Sure enough we awoke the next day to a dried up penis-lookalike. Thank god. I had been playing through scenarios with the pediatrician in trying to convince her that I wasn't vain but wanted my daughter to not have this ugly outtie. Thankfully, I wouldn't need to. We took the kids to the beach for a picnic and a swim. You can see the hubs and Fal in the water :) IMG_2042
When we got home she knocked off the scab and it started bleeding. It wasn't just a trickle either. Her button pooled up and overflowed. I couldn't risk an infection, so off to the pedi we went. She looked at it and said casually, "it's a granuloma. We'll fix it right up." Not much convincing necessary. I was ready for my whole schpeel and everything. She applied a silver nitrate stick to cauterize the granuloma. She also mentioned that due to its size, it would need at least two applications.

I didn't take pictures before because I didn't feel right mocking a penis-looking belly button on my week old daughter. Trust me when I say it wasn't a pretty sight. If you're feeling adventurous google umbilical granuloma images.
Here she is after the first application. She's mad I'm even taking a pic of it looking like this....imagine the black crusted area pink and not dried up. Oh emmm gee. It's a babe for goodness sake.
The second treatment looked similar but smaller.

This is the finished product :) The last bit of residue from the silver nitrate will wear off and she will have a perfect looking innie like the rest of us. No plastic surgeon necessary.
And she lived happily in crop-top heaven after.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

[trois semaines]

3 weeks (plus two days). 2 kids still breathing. 1 mom & dad somewhat sane.

I think that spells S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

This is the first week I'm starting to feel human again. Could it be I'm finally adjusting to the irregular sleep patterns? Probably. The dark circles aren't leaving anytime soon, unfortunately. Deuce is relatively consistent in her sleep/wake schedule. Can't decide if that's good? Last feed about 10:30 then we're off to bed, another between 1am & 2am and the last between 4am & 5am. I'm not crazy about the 5am hour because big sis is awake for the day an hour or so later and I like to go back to bed.
No touch up on these tired eyes. Au naturale, baby. Black & white is much easier on the eye though. I didn't want to scare all of you away.
Photo 188

Doin' what she does best. This blanket was gifted to me when I was a wee little one. It's special to share it with my girls.

Deuce is beefing up, too. Happily weighing in a 8lbs 5oz and laying tall at 20.5 inches. That's 1lb 15oz and an inch and half longer than when we left the hospital. She's still a skinny mini and swimming in newborn size onesies but I'm confident she'll fill 'em in soon enough.

Ahh, she does have eyeballs!

Holy crap. Next update will be one month!! Time flies when you don't sleep.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

it's a mall worl

For a little girl who has been to dland once in her recent memory, she certainly knows this song well. She did ride it twice within an hour and the song is catchy...sooo? I need to be better at carrying my camera because my phone videos are poor quality.

My dear dear friend, KLP got hitched this weekend! F and I were both in the wedding. I could start renting her out for professional flower girl services. This is her second in a year! She arrived with Daddy in her Cinderella dress and it took some convincing to get her into her FG get-up. Reluctantly, she did but only long enough for the ceremony and pictures. Then she snuck off to the bride's room to quickly change back into her light blue costume. We even popped into the photobooth for a quickie mommy & baby girl session.
No post is complete without a Deuce pic. Still not certain who she's taking after. Comparing baby pics is giving mixed signals. Some days she looks like her big sis and others not so much. She's our little chameleon. A gorgeous one at that.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

[two weeks]

Happy two weeks baby Deuce!

I can't believe 14 days have passed. I'm exhausted, happy, sad and emotionally drained all at the same time. We joyfully welcomed our daughter into the family and tearfully said goodbye to the hub's grandfather. It's been a whirlwind keeping up with a newborn, toddler and everything in between. Hopefully things will begin to settle for everyone in the coming weeks.

Deuce has been quite the addition to our family. She is definitely easy going and while we're still in the honeymoon - eat, sleep, poop - phase, I can tell her temperament will compliment that of her sister.

Honestly, how can you say no to a sleeping babe like this? This is love.

The weekend was a crazy one. The hub's birthday party was Saturday. This is what you get when you cross a two-year old, a swimming pool, BBQ and no nap. Zonked out.

The glamorous life of a mom two weeks postpartum; sometimes showered, hair rarely brushed, bags under the eyes for days. All in the name of love. The only thing I do have is the incessant nursing has dropped the scale much faster than I imagined - down 24 of the 30 I gained. Not too shabby. It's just that nothing is in the same place anymore. Soft, squishy belly, big ol' bubbies and as Sisqo so eloquently put it dumps like a truck truck truck. If you catch me from the side and cut off my head, I don't look half bad. haha.

I'll leave you with the first installment of Deuce: Watch Me Grow. 2 weeks.

Monday, July 19, 2010

A glimpse into our future

I was home with Deuce and the hubs took F to a birthday party last weekend.

My text to him:
Daddy's little tiger says hello. Rawr.

Him to me:
Hey look Mom, I busted the pinata!

I foresee these pictures turning into soccer games, dance class and other activities in the very near future.

Friday, July 16, 2010

happy birthday, my love

Happy birthday to my most favorite guy in the whole wide world. Thank you for blessing me with two of the most beautiful girls and sharing your days with me.


Family 6

Last two pics are courtesy of Kristina Lee Photography

We are lucky girls.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Go ahead, you can call me Bessie

Happy 1 week to Deuce!!

We've managed to keep a newborn and toddler alive and well for a week. Go us!!

Here is our week in a nutshell.

First things first, we had some quality getting-the-sisters-acquainted time. This picture totally depicts Fal's general feelings for her sister. She's into her and her latest Big Sister title. She even has stepped up and knocked out her 2am wander through the house AND has decided that the potty is where poop goes. Amazing, right? In turn, she's upped her tantrums from zero to a few in the week...hey, no one is perfect.

Doing what she does best. We're still in the honeymoon eat-sleep-poop phase, so she spends most of her time staring at the backside of her eyelids. But looking oh so cute while doing it.
Speaking of, this kid grazes. Our feeding routine for the first 5 days consisted of this: eat 5 minutes, sleep for 45. Wake up hungry...want to feed and fall asleep mid-suck again. Lather rinse and repeat. My milk came in Thursday and with this eating pattern, I've become a Jerseymaid cow. Not joking. Not funny. Not even in the ha-ha-kinda way. If I'm not nursing, I'm pumping to relieve the ridiculous pain I'm in because she doesn't finish what she's started. I've got over a half gallon of pumped milk just from this weekend. At this pace, I can open my own dairy by the end of the month. DYING over here.

I forgot how great it is to have a little bitty in the house. She doesn't take up an entire cushion. Love.

First milestone: age 4d. Swaddling is out. She hates it. What 4 day old screams when being swaddled? Aren't they supposed to love the feeling of being inside the womb?
Another strong willed personality in the house...totally sound sprawled out and happy.

Ugh, Mom. Enough with the pictures already.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

happy birthday baby deuce!

I am still in disbelief that it's over already. I'm not pregnant anymore and we have a healthy little girl!!!! Woohoo!!

My last (ever!) belly shot. 38w5d. I'm unsure why I look sunburned. We haven't seen the sunshine in a few weeks. Although, that's an entirely different rant.

At my weekly appointment at 9am Tuesday, I was 4cm, 80% effaced, head was at -1 and bag of waters was bulging (I hate the word bulging btw, ewww) with sporadic contractions. My doc swept my membranes and told me that it would most likely pick up the contractions and said he'd see me later at the hospital. He was cocky enough to not schedule an appointment for the following week and sent me home.

Fal and I ran a few errands and called the hubs home from work. I took out the dog for a walk hoping the contractions would pick up speed. I started timing them around 1:30pm by 3pm they were 4 to 6 minutes apart.

Arrived at L&D around 3:45pm and they set me up on the fetal monitors to check contractions and baby's heart rate. I was admitted about 4:30pm and at 5cm. The floor doc came in and broke my about 5pm. I was still indecisive about the epidural but I was handling the pain well and didn't need it. At that time, the anesthesiologist was headed into a c-sec and the earliest option I would have to get it would be 75min from that point. I opted to wait it out and see if I really needed it. I wasn't interested in getting it out of shear convenience of the c-section.

My doc arrived at 5:45pm, I was a 6-7cm. The nurse was convinced I wouldn't need the epi, I was still talking to her and the doc a bit through the contractions. I think it was then she called me a rockstar. haha. Shift change was at 7pm and at the pace I was progressing, she thought I would have the babe before she left. I thought she was nuts (little did I know she would be right).

6:45pm, I was at an 8. I had no idea what was ahead of me. I kinda stumbled into the natural labor thing. I didn't walk into the hospital thinking I was going to go au naturale but I was hoping to listen to my body more than I did with Fal. I knew what I didn't want. All of this probably happened for the best because holy balls Transition was a doozy. (In fact, I'm glad I didn't re-read that link before I went through it.) My nurse said that I'd only need about two good contractions to get me to 10. And she was right. Exactly two of the most intense contractions hit and I wanted to push. She checked me, I was a 10 and asked me to practice a push.

My doc walked in the room, she told him I was a 'good pusher' and that we were ready to go. He sat down said I could push at the next contraction - as he was putting his gloves on - I pushed. He told me to stop because his glove got stuck. I was already mid-push, tried to stop for a sec but there was no stopping mid-push. I yelled at him I CAN'T STOP! None of us thought it'd take one push before she was on my chest. Moral to doc's day: don't tell a woman to push if you aren't ready to catch a babe. LOL.

Immediately, I had our babe on my chest. Everything was over! I couldn't believe it. I think my hands were stuck to my knees from my pushing because I don't know why I couldn't look myself. I asked impatiently, Weeell, what is it?! I totally called my babe an It!? Can I blame it on the lack of drugs? My doc said, Congrats! It's a girl! I'm not a crier but I'm pretty sure I welled up. I couldn't believe our baby girl was here.

Everything after happened so fast. I was wrapping up the delivery with the doc and getting cleaned up. Before the babe was done being looked at and weighed, my doc was changed over, shaking hands with the hubs and calling it a day. We were all healthy, happy and done.

baby deuce.
7PM exactly.


Welcome to the world, my sweet baby girl.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Poll is closed!

...and 94% of those who voted were wrong. Wow.

IT'S A GIRL was announced to us Tuesday, a mere 3 hours and 15 minutes after we walked into the hospital. Sure beats the 16 hours of hospital labor I had with Fal, wouldn'tcha say?

I'll be back to post our newest girl's birth story.

Monday, July 5, 2010

you know it's been a good day

when you make it home, in costume change #2 and you still look like this:

Friday, July 2, 2010

Since I'm still pregnant

I'll share my 38 week pics. I had all high hopes that these would be my last ever ever EVER pregnant pictures but alas a 24+hour false alarm is proving otherwise but I'm saving that story for its very own post.

Here I am 38 weeks, barefoot AND pregnant. Sexxay.

I delivered F at exactly 38 weeks, so I'm kinda disappointed to be counting up from here but I've still been having hard, real contractions so I'm hoping they will become productive at some point between now and 40.

Onto the details of where I stand.

Watermelon pretty much sums up how I feel.

Your Baby: Month 9

At week 37, your pregnancy is considered full term, meaning baby is likely to thrive after birth. Baby spends these last weeks in preparation for the outside world… meaning careful refinement of the blink, suck, inhale and exhale. Meconium, which you’ll probably find in the first diaper, is accumulating in the intestines. If (okay, as) you worry about giving birth, consider what it’s like for the little one. During the journey out of your womb, baby will produce more stress hormones than any other time in life.

I highlighted my favorite line from the paragraph. I'm kinda thinking that the journey from beginning of labor through delivery for the mama is in tight contention with regard to this. Of course, if Baby Deuce is a boy. It's moot anyway.
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