Go ahead, you can call me Bessie

Happy 1 week to Deuce!!

We've managed to keep a newborn and toddler alive and well for a week. Go us!!

Here is our week in a nutshell.

First things first, we had some quality getting-the-sisters-acquainted time. This picture totally depicts Fal's general feelings for her sister. She's into her and her latest Big Sister title. She even has stepped up and knocked out her 2am wander through the house AND has decided that the potty is where poop goes. Amazing, right? In turn, she's upped her tantrums from zero to a few in the week...hey, no one is perfect.

Doing what she does best. We're still in the honeymoon eat-sleep-poop phase, so she spends most of her time staring at the backside of her eyelids. But looking oh so cute while doing it.
Speaking of, this kid grazes. Our feeding routine for the first 5 days consisted of this: eat 5 minutes, sleep for 45. Wake up hungry...want to feed and fall asleep mid-suck again. Lather rinse and repeat. My milk came in Thursday and with this eating pattern, I've become a Jerseymaid cow. Not joking. Not funny. Not even in the ha-ha-kinda way. If I'm not nursing, I'm pumping to relieve the ridiculous pain I'm in because she doesn't finish what she's started. I've got over a half gallon of pumped milk just from this weekend. At this pace, I can open my own dairy by the end of the month. DYING over here.

I forgot how great it is to have a little bitty in the house. She doesn't take up an entire cushion. Love.

First milestone: age 4d. Swaddling is out. She hates it. What 4 day old screams when being swaddled? Aren't they supposed to love the feeling of being inside the womb?
Another strong willed personality in the house...totally sound sprawled out and happy.

Ugh, Mom. Enough with the pictures already.


The Ciunis said…
How precious! She looks like you! And I love the shot of the sisters. Pure sweetness.
Just yesterday I was remembering July, 2 summers ago, when i was pregnant - all the excitement and anticipation. I felt my first strong urge to do it all again. I think I'm finally "forgetting." And your photos are defintely helping. LOL. Enjoy your new babydoll.
jCam said…
Awwwww she is so adorable! And I love that Fal is loving her so much too :-)
Great pics Jo....just precious newest lil girl :-) I don't I've heard what this lil girl's name is? So happy for your family!!!!

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