[trois semaines]

3 weeks (plus two days). 2 kids still breathing. 1 mom & dad somewhat sane.

I think that spells S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

This is the first week I'm starting to feel human again. Could it be I'm finally adjusting to the irregular sleep patterns? Probably. The dark circles aren't leaving anytime soon, unfortunately. Deuce is relatively consistent in her sleep/wake schedule. Can't decide if that's good? Last feed about 10:30 then we're off to bed, another between 1am & 2am and the last between 4am & 5am. I'm not crazy about the 5am hour because big sis is awake for the day an hour or so later and I like to go back to bed.
No touch up on these tired eyes. Au naturale, baby. Black & white is much easier on the eye though. I didn't want to scare all of you away.
Photo 188

Doin' what she does best. This blanket was gifted to me when I was a wee little one. It's special to share it with my girls.

Deuce is beefing up, too. Happily weighing in a 8lbs 5oz and laying tall at 20.5 inches. That's 1lb 15oz and an inch and half longer than when we left the hospital. She's still a skinny mini and swimming in newborn size onesies but I'm confident she'll fill 'em in soon enough.

Ahh, she does have eyeballs!

Holy crap. Next update will be one month!! Time flies when you don't sleep.


Abbie Winter said…
love love love her!! you look great and she is darling. We just passed one month and I still can't believe it either. Time flies. Glad things are going well. Hope big sis is adjusting.
love to u
Jamie said…
Thank you for squeezing in some time to update the blog! You are so lucky to have such beautiful girls!
The Ciunis said…
I'll read one post about Duece and feel like I'd LOVE another babe. Then I read another post, like this, be reminded of the sleeplessness, and just shake my head. I think I'm particularly sensitive though since Mia just started sleeping, like, last week.

She's a doll, btw. Such a cutie!

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