happy birthday baby deuce!

I am still in disbelief that it's over already. I'm not pregnant anymore and we have a healthy little girl!!!! Woohoo!!

My last (ever!) belly shot. 38w5d. I'm unsure why I look sunburned. We haven't seen the sunshine in a few weeks. Although, that's an entirely different rant.

At my weekly appointment at 9am Tuesday, I was 4cm, 80% effaced, head was at -1 and bag of waters was bulging (I hate the word bulging btw, ewww) with sporadic contractions. My doc swept my membranes and told me that it would most likely pick up the contractions and said he'd see me later at the hospital. He was cocky enough to not schedule an appointment for the following week and sent me home.

Fal and I ran a few errands and called the hubs home from work. I took out the dog for a walk hoping the contractions would pick up speed. I started timing them around 1:30pm by 3pm they were 4 to 6 minutes apart.

Arrived at L&D around 3:45pm and they set me up on the fetal monitors to check contractions and baby's heart rate. I was admitted about 4:30pm and at 5cm. The floor doc came in and broke my about 5pm. I was still indecisive about the epidural but I was handling the pain well and didn't need it. At that time, the anesthesiologist was headed into a c-sec and the earliest option I would have to get it would be 75min from that point. I opted to wait it out and see if I really needed it. I wasn't interested in getting it out of shear convenience of the c-section.

My doc arrived at 5:45pm, I was a 6-7cm. The nurse was convinced I wouldn't need the epi, I was still talking to her and the doc a bit through the contractions. I think it was then she called me a rockstar. haha. Shift change was at 7pm and at the pace I was progressing, she thought I would have the babe before she left. I thought she was nuts (little did I know she would be right).

6:45pm, I was at an 8. I had no idea what was ahead of me. I kinda stumbled into the natural labor thing. I didn't walk into the hospital thinking I was going to go au naturale but I was hoping to listen to my body more than I did with Fal. I knew what I didn't want. All of this probably happened for the best because holy balls Transition was a doozy. (In fact, I'm glad I didn't re-read that link before I went through it.) My nurse said that I'd only need about two good contractions to get me to 10. And she was right. Exactly two of the most intense contractions hit and I wanted to push. She checked me, I was a 10 and asked me to practice a push.

My doc walked in the room, she told him I was a 'good pusher' and that we were ready to go. He sat down said I could push at the next contraction - as he was putting his gloves on - I pushed. He told me to stop because his glove got stuck. I was already mid-push, tried to stop for a sec but there was no stopping mid-push. I yelled at him I CAN'T STOP! None of us thought it'd take one push before she was on my chest. Moral to doc's day: don't tell a woman to push if you aren't ready to catch a babe. LOL.

Immediately, I had our babe on my chest. Everything was over! I couldn't believe it. I think my hands were stuck to my knees from my pushing because I don't know why I couldn't look myself. I asked impatiently, Weeell, what is it?! I totally called my babe an It!? Can I blame it on the lack of drugs? My doc said, Congrats! It's a girl! I'm not a crier but I'm pretty sure I welled up. I couldn't believe our baby girl was here.

Everything after happened so fast. I was wrapping up the delivery with the doc and getting cleaned up. Before the babe was done being looked at and weighed, my doc was changed over, shaking hands with the hubs and calling it a day. We were all healthy, happy and done.

baby deuce.
7PM exactly.


Welcome to the world, my sweet baby girl.


jCam said…
Love! Congrats again :-)
Beautiful labor story!! Glad it went quick for you this time around :-) So....what is this newest lil girls' name???? More pics please :-)
Jamie said…
Such a beautiful story Jo!!! Congrats on the beautiful new girl and to the big sister F!!

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