it's a mall worl

For a little girl who has been to dland once in her recent memory, she certainly knows this song well. She did ride it twice within an hour and the song is catchy...sooo? I need to be better at carrying my camera because my phone videos are poor quality.

My dear dear friend, KLP got hitched this weekend! F and I were both in the wedding. I could start renting her out for professional flower girl services. This is her second in a year! She arrived with Daddy in her Cinderella dress and it took some convincing to get her into her FG get-up. Reluctantly, she did but only long enough for the ceremony and pictures. Then she snuck off to the bride's room to quickly change back into her light blue costume. We even popped into the photobooth for a quickie mommy & baby girl session.
No post is complete without a Deuce pic. Still not certain who she's taking after. Comparing baby pics is giving mixed signals. Some days she looks like her big sis and others not so much. She's our little chameleon. A gorgeous one at that.


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