Friday, January 22, 2010

Orange-ya Glad You Didn't Say...

Deuce is now an orange and starting to look more human-like. Wooohoo.

Continuing the march towards normal proportions, baby's legs now outmeasure the arms. And, finally, all four limbs have functional joints. Your fetus is squirming and wiggling like crazy down in the womb, though you probably still can't feel the movements. AWESOME.

I think it was around 16w that I started feeling Fal bubbling around in mah-belly, so I think I'm just around the corner? Exciting! I'm focusing on that and not the heartburn hell that week 15 has brought on. Oh-em-gee, I had nothing like this the first time 'round. I should have been dancing in the streets with Fal because it was a cake walk in comparison. I've vowed not to bitch the rest of the way of this 40week journey...but sometimes it's hard not to when I'm just not comfortable. Please feel free to smack me into shape when necessary. other news, Fal has hit a milestone I can't find in her baby book. I was hoping Daddy would have been the one to break this ice but it was me. Is it possible to lose the Mother of the Year Award this early into 2010? Cause I have some serious making up to do if I want to be in the running...wanna hear why? Read on.

To say the weather this week is out of character for winter here is putting it lightly. I don't think we've faced anything like this in years - maybe once or twice in my short life. Gunny is getting cabin fever from being indoors and not getting his regularly scheduled walks because quite frankly, I haven't been able to tell if our sidewalks have been that or small rivers. Plus sugar melts when it gets wet, I don't want to take the chance. ::ba-da-bing::

Aaanyway, we got home the other evening from dinner and found the couch became quite cozy for him. The back cushion was perfect as his chew toy. The zipper was broken and stuffing hanging out. We walk in, me first and I see the mess of the living room and instinctively say a little four letter word rhyming with duck. Klassy, I know. Well, wouldn't you know there was an echo in the room? Uh huh, a little near-two-year-old one.

My eyes bugged out of my head. I deflated into the floor, red and embarrassed. Oh hell. MOTYA2010, I am not. After my face returned to its original color, I got the 5 year old giggles. I just kept hearing the little voice repeat over and over - uck uck uck.

I don't think I'll ever live this one down with the hubs. Damn it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Weekend Recap

I wanted to get this done yesterday but I got the opportunity to visit a dear friend in the hospital, so that trumps blogging any day. My bud has been battling cancer for nearly a decade. She is warrior and isn't doing well right now. If you can spare any positive thoughts, healing vibes or prayers and direct them her way - all will be greatly appreciated.

What a wild weekend. It's the first weekend that's actually felt like winter. I can't imagine living in a place that actually has seasons. I think cold weather would be my demise, well that and being knocked up. There's something about growing a kid that takes over my inner Betty Crocker and I find myself in the kitchen - baking. Weird? Yeah, I know. I've been it all my life.

Friday was pretzel bread. Oh heavenly pretzel bread! Buttery, salty, warm soft bread. Ohhh mah gawd. I'm kinda wishing now I didn't find this recipe. It is so easy and amazing. I don't doubt I'll be making this again real soon.

Saturday, the hub had to jet to work in the morning. Fal and I had some q.t. and some chores to do. We like to put her to work...hey, she's got to pay her way around here. Since she's still a bit young to pick up a part time job, chores suffice but don't fret your pretty head. We get in some play time, too.

AHHH, she's the cutest damn kid. EVER.

And what better way to cap off the weekend by going to the market, getting the house ready for the week and baking Nutella cookies? Tell me you luurve Nutella. How can you not?! What's not to love about chocolate and hazelnut? Please run, don't walk to your cupboards and make these ASAP. I found this recipe from a blog I read on the regular and I'm so happy I bookmarked it. This weekend was an all around success in the kitchen. I even snuck one, sshhhh.

happy almost hump day.


Friday, January 15, 2010

It's a...

We spilled the beans to the families over the holidays and shortly thereafter to I suppose now that I'm chugging along in the 2nd tri it's safe to discuss over here, too.

We're eagerly anticipating babe #2 (a.k.a. deuce) early July. My dates differ from the doc's by a bit and they did with F as well. I was right with her, you know because I was I'm convinced that I'm right again. I suppose only time will tell, we can hedge bets as we get closer. Let me know if you're game. heh.

This week (from this point forward I'm using the doc's date - to humor him, of course) deuce is the size of a lemon. Good thing the tree out back is producing so we don't need to resort to squeezing my belly for lemonade. There you have it, our big juicy secret. I'm sure your night is complete.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Dare I say it?!

I'll whisper then...<I think we're pacifier free!>


Day 3: She was up for about an hour Saturday night. I couldn't decide to go take a peek or not. I didn't. She never really lost it but I could hear her fussing around in her bed. Every 10 minutes I thought it couldn't go much longer...and finally it was silence. Success!!

Day 4: Shorter nap than usual but went down without fuss. She was out cold as soon as her head hit the bed last night. OMG! YAYAY!

It's the small victories. I couldn't be happier. I've hated that thing for a loooong time.

With the ease of this transition, I'd say she was ready, too. This was a drop in the bucket compared to the fighting we had about 6 months ago. My little babe is growing up. *tear* Ha! not really, I'm so very excited. For all those naysayers convinced that I'd eat my words when I said that I'd LOVE to give birth to a two year old. This is the greatest time EVER. EVEREVEREVER. Much more enjoyable than newborn to present. I would (consider) 6 kids if it meant I didn't have to have babies. Actually, I wouldn't but it really drives my point home, doesn't it?


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 2: Life Without the Pacifier

Well, so far so good! Color me surprised.

Yesterday was a busy day, I'm not sure if it was her distraction or ours that made it easier. I'm beginning that damn thing was a crutch for us and not her. We dropped her off at my sister's for an afternoon nap while I was at an appointment. She napped fine. Then we had dinner with my Aunt and were out past F's bedtime. She fell asleep in the car on the ride home, made the transition to bed with ease and slept through the night.

Looks like we're one day closer to pacifier free! Let's see how today goes.....I don't want to jinx our luck so far. Go us!!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

And her world came tumbling down

Merely hours after I post about loving new beginnings - I spoke too soon. I just realized that I kinda like things the way they were. Is it to late to take it back? Pretty please?

Our beloved puppy, sent F's world into oblivion this evening.

The pacifier. Oh dear, please not the pacifier!

We've tried letting it go. Twice. Since the summer - our last attempt to ditch it - it has limited to bed usage only. If she wants the damn thing she must be in bed. She knows it and will sometimes venture to the crib to find solace in the middle of the afternoon. Shortly after realize that it's not that fun to be alone when there is a world to play with and be over it quickly. Bedtime, however, is an entirely different story.

I got home this evening and I hear a yelp from the living room. It wasn't from the dog, it was from daddy. He brought was the nub of what was left from F's very.last.pacifier. The only thing that I could say was "Oh $h*%$."

See, we've been talking about ditching the pacifier for the third time since the last failed attempt. We just know the nighttime fit that would ensue and well we're not really masochists here in our house. Unless forced by the gd dog, I suppose.

So, I sit here while F is yelling out for her beloved - now dubbed "broookkk"

Your thoughts to F please, I fear she's going to need them the next few nights. Poor girl.


Happy 2010!

I love new years and new beginnings.

2009 was stagnant - maybe we were coming from such a high in 2008. We welcomed F into our world and then landed our sweet little house. Was it our time to tread water for a bit? Maybe. I think we've paid our dues and I'm ready for a great year!

What do you think? Cutest kid ever?

I'd say so and I'm not biased or anything.
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