It's a...

We spilled the beans to the families over the holidays and shortly thereafter to I suppose now that I'm chugging along in the 2nd tri it's safe to discuss over here, too.

We're eagerly anticipating babe #2 (a.k.a. deuce) early July. My dates differ from the doc's by a bit and they did with F as well. I was right with her, you know because I was I'm convinced that I'm right again. I suppose only time will tell, we can hedge bets as we get closer. Let me know if you're game. heh.

This week (from this point forward I'm using the doc's date - to humor him, of course) deuce is the size of a lemon. Good thing the tree out back is producing so we don't need to resort to squeezing my belly for lemonade. There you have it, our big juicy secret. I'm sure your night is complete.



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