And her world came tumbling down

Merely hours after I post about loving new beginnings - I spoke too soon. I just realized that I kinda like things the way they were. Is it to late to take it back? Pretty please?

Our beloved puppy, sent F's world into oblivion this evening.

The pacifier. Oh dear, please not the pacifier!

We've tried letting it go. Twice. Since the summer - our last attempt to ditch it - it has limited to bed usage only. If she wants the damn thing she must be in bed. She knows it and will sometimes venture to the crib to find solace in the middle of the afternoon. Shortly after realize that it's not that fun to be alone when there is a world to play with and be over it quickly. Bedtime, however, is an entirely different story.

I got home this evening and I hear a yelp from the living room. It wasn't from the dog, it was from daddy. He brought was the nub of what was left from F's very.last.pacifier. The only thing that I could say was "Oh $h*%$."

See, we've been talking about ditching the pacifier for the third time since the last failed attempt. We just know the nighttime fit that would ensue and well we're not really masochists here in our house. Unless forced by the gd dog, I suppose.

So, I sit here while F is yelling out for her beloved - now dubbed "broookkk"

Your thoughts to F please, I fear she's going to need them the next few nights. Poor girl.



Jenny said…
We ditched the "binky" this month, too! At least she knows that the dog broke it...maybe that will make it easier for her. We told TJ that he is a big boy now and that only babies use binkies. So he took his and threw it in the trash. He hasn't asked for it, but it's certainly harder to get him down for naps. Why can't they suck on a pacifier until they are teenagers?? I think it's cool.

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