Dare I say it?!

I'll whisper then...<I think we're pacifier free!>


Day 3: She was up for about an hour Saturday night. I couldn't decide to go take a peek or not. I didn't. She never really lost it but I could hear her fussing around in her bed. Every 10 minutes I thought it couldn't go much longer...and finally it was silence. Success!!

Day 4: Shorter nap than usual but went down without fuss. She was out cold as soon as her head hit the bed last night. OMG! YAYAY!

It's the small victories. I couldn't be happier. I've hated that thing for a loooong time.

With the ease of this transition, I'd say she was ready, too. This was a drop in the bucket compared to the fighting we had about 6 months ago. My little babe is growing up. *tear* Ha! not really, I'm so very excited. For all those naysayers convinced that I'd eat my words when I said that I'd LOVE to give birth to a two year old. This is the greatest time EVER. EVEREVEREVER. Much more enjoyable than newborn to present. I would (consider) 6 kids if it meant I didn't have to have babies. Actually, I wouldn't but it really drives my point home, doesn't it?



Jamie said…
Congrats! That is a big milestone! She is such a big girl now! Good job on the patience!

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