Tuesday Weekend Recap

I wanted to get this done yesterday but I got the opportunity to visit a dear friend in the hospital, so that trumps blogging any day. My bud has been battling cancer for nearly a decade. She is warrior and isn't doing well right now. If you can spare any positive thoughts, healing vibes or prayers and direct them her way - all will be greatly appreciated.

What a wild weekend. It's the first weekend that's actually felt like winter. I can't imagine living in a place that actually has seasons. I think cold weather would be my demise, well that and being knocked up. There's something about growing a kid that takes over my inner Betty Crocker and I find myself in the kitchen - baking. Weird? Yeah, I know. I've been it all my life.

Friday was pretzel bread. Oh heavenly pretzel bread! Buttery, salty, warm soft bread. Ohhh mah gawd. I'm kinda wishing now I didn't find this recipe. It is so easy and amazing. I don't doubt I'll be making this again real soon.

Saturday, the hub had to jet to work in the morning. Fal and I had some q.t. and some chores to do. We like to put her to work...hey, she's got to pay her way around here. Since she's still a bit young to pick up a part time job, chores suffice but don't fret your pretty head. We get in some play time, too.

AHHH, she's the cutest damn kid. EVER.

And what better way to cap off the weekend by going to the market, getting the house ready for the week and baking Nutella cookies? Tell me you luurve Nutella. How can you not?! What's not to love about chocolate and hazelnut? Please run, don't walk to your cupboards and make these ASAP. I found this recipe from a blog I read on the regular and I'm so happy I bookmarked it. This weekend was an all around success in the kitchen. I even snuck one, sshhhh.

happy almost hump day.



Jamie said…
I've been praying for your friend! I will continue to pray for you guys and her family as well. On a better note, that breads looks BOMB!!! Do you need a bread maker for that? I wanna try it!

Love your pictures of F outside! She is just so beautiful!

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