Happy Day, Earth!

What are you doing to save the planet?

I mentioned earlier of my 2010 goals and so far we've been keeping to plan!

  • We're buying local produce often (although not weekly, yet).
  • Baby Deuce already has a solid stash of cloth diapers. Woot!
  • I've planted herbs, albeit a small planter but babysteps to my garden.
  • Stopped buying toxic cleaners, excluding laundry soap. I'm trying to concoct a way to make my own without the hubs thinking I've spun into complete "hippy-status." Vinegar & baking soda are my new bffs.
  • Baking/cooking from scratch. This is an ongoing project though. Processed foods were out the door in early '09 and I'm working up the courage to toss baked goods. I have yet to find a sandwich bread that I can keep up with that will move it out of the shopping cart but not keep me in the kitchen for hours on end....work in progress for sure.

In honor of Mother Earth, I'm adding to my list and encourage you to do the same.

  • Install a clothesline.
  • Eat less meat!
  • Use less paper products, especially paper towels.
  • Building our own furniture. Remember this? My list is growing.
  • Having a garage sale - this weekend, in fact. If you're interested in coming by and buying our crap, let me know!


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