silly faces...for a good cause

This weekend was jam packed with excitement. Baby shower, birthday party, charitable donation & laundry, laundry & cleaning. I think we're ready for Spring, the deep cleaning started today.

An oldie friend is expecting her first in about a month! How exciting. Her babe and Baby Deuce will be about 3.5 months apart - YAY for future playdates!! I got home for a brief minute snugged with F and then we hopped in the car to toast to our friend D's 28th! F was a hit a the grill (of course) and held up well given the fact she was hanging with peeps 25+ years her senior. What a trooper.

We played silly face. Here's her latest:

As a household, we've made annual resolutions to better ourselves, the Earth & our community.

2009 was the year of bah-bye plastic & processed foods.

We gave up plastic bottles and (almost all) processed foods. The bottles were surprisingly easy fix. Klean Kanteen quickly filled the shoes of our bottling needs. Papa bear, mama bear and baby bear sizes are perfect. Used daily. Mama bear's size conveniently doubles its value by its capability of housing a full bottle of wine. Perfect for picnics and music in the park during the summer months. Currently only supplying the clear stuff, it'll be ready for the line up come the second half of the summer :) Cutting out processed foods was much easier than I thought. It helps to follow a dozen blogs on Green Living with oodles of ideas on how to make your life cleaner. I haven't found a good sub for crackers & cereals yet. Although steel cut oats are a morning time fave but it's not a daily fix. It's been fun to challenge ourselves in areas that we never put a second thought to before.

On 2010's agenda: support local businesses/farms, cloth diapers for Baby Deuce, up our charitable volunteering/donations.

So far, we've added buying local and organic to our weekly shopping list. Farmers markets and local farms have some of the most amazing veggies and fruits available. I've had some hits and missssses in my cooking attempts though. Thankfully, there have been fewer misses than hits. AND the hits have been grand slam homers.
A tip from me to you. Toss the green leaves/stock of leeks. They don't cook like the tops of green onions. In fact, they have nothing in common even though it might appear otherwise. Trust me. EEk, that mistake will only happen once.

Yup, we're cloth diapering (CD) the newest babe. I've started my stash and am super excited to take the plunge. I've got lots of CDing to talk about. I'll save it for a new post.

Back to this weekend. We just wrapped up our commitment to the Give a Day, Get a Day with Disney. We had annual passes for quite awhile and let them go during F's first year. Life was too busy and we didn't get enough use out of them. Since the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is requested often by name as of late, what better way to get involved first? We got hooked up with Binky Patrol - an organization we could relate to in more ways than one. Fleece blankies/binkys/lovies for kids 0-18 that are either in long term hospital or foster care. F has 2 special blankies and little buddies she can't live without. Giving the gift of comfort to these ones less fortunate than her was an amazing feeling.

Started with hitting the local Joann's for the perfect patterns. We did 2 teen blankets and 2 baby size...exceeding the minimum requirement by 2. I just had to have Fal included in the donation even though she technically was too young to participate.

Here's the fabric to start. Baseballs for the boy, floral for the girl & two gender neutral babies:

Measuring & cutting:

Four complete blankies ready to find a loving owner:

I am so happy we decided to participate! It's gotten my volunteering bug flying. I'm hoping to get in a few more projects in by year end. With a newborn coming this summer, it might be tight but hopefully I'll keep the motivation to get it done before July.

In other news, we're gearing up for Fal's second birthday. Two?! Already?! Holy Toledo, time is flying. She's practicing holding out her two fingers. Not quite there yet (see her pointer and middle stuck together? LOL) but oh so cute trying. Look at the following pictures by reading her lips, twoooooooo.

Have a great week!


Do you have suggestions for blogs that are about living green like you stated? Thanks!! Good for you guys:)

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