pinwheel party + a princess bike

In the weeks leading to F's 3rd birthday (never mind this was 2months ago now), I had asked her what she wanted what type of birthday party she would like. 

And in typical 3-year old fashion, simply put "black. purple. and pink."

Hmmmmm, ooookkkay.  What in the hell do I do with that?

Off to my friend, etsy.  Always a great place for inspiration, these were my pre-pinterest days.  Now, pinterest is a whole 'nother post.  I looooooooooooooooove love love love pinterest

Just like that - give or take 45 minutes of perusing - I found this invite and a pinwheel party was born!  I could definitely make black. purple. and pink work for her party.  My new friend at theparchmentplace was super sweet and emailed over my completed pinwheel custom to F's color request in ~24hrs.  Love it. 

Next came my google-ing obsession to find inspiration parties - how could I have not known about pinterest then?! - living in the dark, I tell you.  I have since added the pinwheel party inspiration board but I can't remember all the sites I found.  Those are the few that I had left in my bookmarks.

Turns out pinwheels are simple to make as long as you have the correct sized paper, brads or pins and dowels (in my case fancy glitter pencils from Target $1 aisle).

I can't remember why but I found myself in Big Lots one afternoon.  I stumbled upon a scrapbooking aisle.  Who knew?  I don't have much patience for the real scrapbooking deal but if you do, highly recommend making a pit stop at Big Lots.  Scrapbooking is expensive or so the retail stickers showed me.  The tablets I picked up were originally listed at $30/per.  Big Lot's price?  $5 for 24 sheets of double-sided great quality paper.  Steal!  When you're fashioning pinwheels, double-sided scrapbooking paper is king.

Many a nights were spent cutting paper and assembling pinwheels.  Big ones, small ones, tall ones and fat ones.  It's going to be awhile before I have any interest in picking up that hobby again.  Made for great pictures, so all time well spent.

Enough intro, onto the party and a few details.  Scrapbook paper + twine + black paint = not a bad birthday banner.  This was the first "kids" birthday party we had.  I couldn't believe we've rounded up about a dozen kiddies in the crowd.  This was the first birthday I spent running around hosting games and crafts with the little ones rather than eating and shooting the shit with the adults.  Favors included sand pails, shovel/rake and a custom pinwheel. 

This wreath was easy-peasy to put together and jumbo pinwheels welcomed guests.

F picked out her pink and purple Hello Kitty pinata.  The sand pails doubled as candy collectors for the loot inside.  I'm always thinking one step ahead. ;)  And that $1.99 pin the tail on the donkey?  Huge hit!  Check the directionally apt 4 and unders we know, they have skillz.

She nervously sat and watched everyone sing to her.  So serious when it comes to the biz of blowing candles.  This wish will come true, I imagine her coaching herself in her head.

I'm fairly certain the kids had a great time and F was on fire.  She ran the house and yard with her buds.  I love this age so much.  Leaps and bounds above the babe stage - I know, unpopular opinion.  Once the smoke cleared and the guests had left.  There was one more gift to be presented. 

There's a back-story to this gift.  For some reason I'm feeling generous the need to elaborate, hell it's been months, I owe you something.  Right?

One upon a time there was a daddy and a mommy frantically and tirelessly putting together dozens of last minute details for a pinwheel party a mere 18 hours away.  In the midst of ordering the food, finalizing details, assembling pinwheels and cleaning the house in preparation, said daddy and mommy realized that they hadn't a thing for their daughter for her birthday.  Not a card, not a small box wrapped with a bow.  Nothing.  The clock struck 9:35PM and the two looked at each other and exclaimed "shit, what are we going to do for her in the morning?!"  Wouldn't you know the only place open late-late night is a place we both hate with the fire of a thousand suns.  Wal-mart.  ::shudders at the thought::

Daddy really wanted to purchase for his sweet baby girl the most atrocious princess jeep.  You know what I'm talking about.  I was in the dead-set-against-it camp.  1) It's expensive. 2) She's 3 and needs to exert her energy out in some physical manner - riding in a jeep doesn't satisfy that for me. 3) It's hideous. 4) It's expensive.  His argument is one of emotional battle: 1) she's my baby girl and money is no object.  2) she's my baby girl and she would love it.  3) she's my baby girl and can you imagine her face when she sees this?  You get the idea...

In our heated debate (really it was only 2 minutes - we didn't have the time to discuss at length) I quickly shopped the aisles at to see if we could jet over to the local store before close - like 15minutes - to swoop up something quick. 

I start giggling and Daddy looks at me.  He's like, "what's so funny?"  My words weren't this eloquent when they came out but it was along the lines of "if you're looking to get her something princess, I've found the perfect thing.  It looks like princesses threw up all over this bike.  I think it's something you'll approve of."  And with that, he was out the door....

We were both right that night.  He knew she would flip over the princesses and I was right the bike was the best choice for her.  She rides that GD princess bike every day.  I'm glad Daddy was right because I wouldn't trade that ugly bike for anything.  Her opening her eyes was a moment I wouldn't give back. Ever.
Sorry this is so big but I couldn't make it smaller to show her face.  You must see it.

Showing sis the new wheels.

Up close and personal with princess vomit.

Riding off in the 3-year old sunset on her new princess wheels.

Happy birthday my sweet baby girl.  I love you more than you will ever know.  The 3rd year so far has proven better than anything I imagined it to be.  Thank you for showing me how wonderful life is through princess colored glasses.


The Ciunis said…
What beautiful decorations Mama! I love what you came up with. And the birthday girl looks so cute with that haircut/style. Happy belated bday!
Abbie Winter said…
Oh how you make me laugh! Please don't ever leave us again! :) JK. Well, sort of.
She is so damn perfect it is unbelievable! I love her and want to squeeze her birthday cheeks!! Glad the party was a success! You outdid yourself Jo Mama!!
Thanks, ladies! Abs, I'm trying to make the time to blog again. I do miss it.
Erin Napier said…
Oh my goodness... This just made my day. I'm so excited for F! I only wish I could meet that sweet baby durl!

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