Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Who is? ME!!!

I love love luuurve the blog Knock-Off Wood! Ana, a self described stay at home mom with expensive taste and no money, has got everything right on her blog. Eye candy for the designer home wannabes like myself. As soon as I found the blog, I pinned the hubs down and made him go over the plans for a recycle center, a bed, a coffee table, a dining table & wall unit. Way to overwhelm a non-furniture maker, right? Hey, I was excited!!! The step-by-step plans are easy to read for a novice. I already have my house redecorated in my head.

Okay, back to the winning part. Last week when Ana received her millionth hit she had a giveaway. Leave a knock-knock joke, riddle or funny story in her comment section - the winner, picked at random, would win a $50 Home Depot gift card. Of the 873 entries, my number was picked! I WIN!

Oops. I almost forgot. You want to hear my joke? It's a staple in our house...

What do cows do for fun?

They go to the moooovies.

::insert pity chuckle here:: Although jokes on you. I got $50 buck-a-roos for it :)

Now, the burning question. What should we make first?! I can't wait to go shopping!

Thanks, Ana!


Jenny said…
I'm going to check this out right away...and I honestly, sincerely laughed at your joke. :)

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