Party Picture Recap

As promised, party pictures! Thanks KLP!!! LOVE YOU.

A few detail shots. Blood, sweat & painty-fingers produced this banner. Thank you Martha, for your inspiration. Although, do you think she would cringe at my use of OE font?!

The ever-festive tissue balls...

OMG, you absolutely MUST make these cupcakes. I pass on cake/cupcakes 95% of the time, I don't like the consistency. I ate at least a half dozen of these delish little suckers. You absolutely must try them! It helped that the lemons were from our tree and I never pass up anything that is produced from our fruit.

Please invite me over if you bake them. I'm a gracious guest, really, I am.

Any chance she had to show off her birthday balloons, she did. I think she was in her room more than she was outside with the majority of the party. As soon as a new guest arrived, shequickly escorted them directly to the balloons. I think the hubs and I knocked this surprise out of the park.

She was so proud when the tune was sung - standing so tall and still with a grin. Love it.

What a lucky girl!

I'm not sure why the Lakers shirt is so funny. Lakers are serious business - especially this time of year.

Dancing with her new favorite pj's. I just don't get the allure of Dora.

Whew! What a day!

Thank you to everyone who came and showered your love to our baby girl! We are so fortunate to have each of you in our lives.


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