before the party came balloon day

we've been hyping up the big birthday for quite awhile. Trying to get her pumped up for the big day; practicing making a wish, blowing out imaginary candles, knowing she's now twwwooooo...the works.
Buuut how was she going to wake up on Friday and know it's her actual birthday? I'm fairly certain she has no concept of days or weeks, let alone dates.

In the madness of planning, I picked up some 30+ balloons. Next to bubbles, balloons are her favorite thing. My plan was to blow up the balloons and toss them in her room. She'd wake up to a balloon haven. I was fairly certain that waking up to a room full of balloons, she'd know that the day was special. What would your equivalent be to waking to morning bliss? Fresh hot coffee? Breakfast in bed? Flowers? I'm still thinking of mine....

Anyway, this first vid is of her waking up and seeing the balloons for the first time. I broke up the recordings into 1-2 minutes a piece. I didn't think you'd be that interested in watching 10mins of her tossing up balloons in the air and saying "oook mommmy, o'er there!" can tell she's just waking up in the first one because she's not talking much. The second, she's warming up & calling in the dog. You know it's serious when the dogs involved. I haven't gotten the others up on youtube and frankly, you'd be bored to tears by the 3rd anyway.

This is the smile of a fresh out of bed 2 year old celebrating her birthday morning with balloons.

Aaaaacckk! I have a two year old!


Jamie said…
That is soooo cute! What a great idea Jo, so sad I didn't think of it myself :( Can't believe our babies are 2 this year! I LOVE the part when she says "Twooooo"!!

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