Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunshine and Friends, Perfect Combo

The weather has been amazing! We have been enjoying as much vitamin d as possible!

This past weekend the babe and I made it to the lagoon to swim and bask in the glorious day with a birthday girl and friends. Beautiful day with beautiful people. The only thing missing was daddy, unfortunately he was on call and super busy with the crazy tides over the weekend. Did you see the size of the waves? Amazing!

As always KLP always snaps away when we're hanging out...the babe was totally working the camera...and her bathing suit.

After she had enough of the sunshine, we met up with daddy and some friends with little ones her size for a BBQ to cap off the fantastic day! Thanks Bsides for having us over!!!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Mornings are my Fav

Just wanted to check in and share a pic. Been a crazy month and it doesn't seem to be letting up. I'll post more when I have a second to spare but a quick story in the meantime!

My favorite time of day is between wake up and walking out the front door for work on the weekdays. We cram in so much quality time in those few hours...sometimes more so than when we've got a full day together!
From wake up, we cuddle on the couch, enjoy some milk and cereal, tickle and giggle, pull out the toy du jour and mess around - just enough time left to look presentable, take a shower and haul ass out the door and be exactly 10 minutes late. Daily. I LOVE it!
Today was her stroller. She picked up her teddy put him in the seat and pushed him in circles around the kitchen and hallway. She's always been a bit of a tease and thoroughly enjoys playing cat and mouse. Especially if she thinks she's pulled a fast one on me....little does she know my arsenal of tricks up my sleeve. She'll find out soon enough.
As predicted, I am loving her walking! She is getting into all kinds of mayhem and it's fantastic!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I never thought the day would come...

Finally! YES! Holy moly!!!!!!! Where'd this come from?!?!!

We have been joking for months about how she's enter kindergarten not walking. We picture her raising her hand, asking to go to the bathroom and scooting out the door since she hasn't yet taken the walking plunge. We've giggled about it often.

Yes, people continue to tell us that we're lucky she's not 100% mobile yet:
Enjoy this now because you know when she takes off....you'll really be in for it.
You better watch what you ask for....
Yeah, yeah, we know what we want. Her to walk. She is old enough now to know what she wants and where it is. She just can't get to it, this ensues some whining and frustration tears. We are ready for her to walk.

She took her first unassisted steps yesterday while Daddy was golfing, see I told you fun things happen when it's just her and me at the house....of course when he got home she didn't feel like showing off her new skills, poor Daddy misses out on all the fun!

She woke up this beautiful morning ready to brag about it and I was able to capture it. We're still wobbly. I'm hoping this week we'll practice, polish up and look less like she had one too many out on the boat.

Without further ado, our walking babe!

Hope you and yours have a great 4th!

Friday, July 3, 2009

summer summertime, let's just sit back and

drink smoothies? Yes, The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff had it all wrong.

That's exactly what we did this morning. F and I made an amazing blueberry orange smoothie to share for our mid-morning snack while daddy is at the golf course....we always get messy when he is out for the day.

Do you think she liked it? While looking at this picture it is required to imagine her saying "cheeee-eese" (see last post)

.....and I think it is time to start saving now for braces. I think it might be necessary.
Before you get all up in arms about me thinking about braces for my just-over-a-year-old, know that I have a thing with teeth - call it a complex, I'm totally okay with it.

I believe I was in 2nd grade when I asked my mom what a "gap" was. She told me to go look in the mirror and smile. There are pleeeenty of other gap examples but she doesn't sugarcoat things. And why should she do it for a 7ish year old? I suppose it explains where my wit came from - I was taught by the best. (I know she's reading this. I love you MOREMOREMORE Mama).

I had braces twice. That's right, twice. The second time by choice at 20yrs old. I have a thing with teeth.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Fav Word

No description needed. Go ahead watch it, you'll agree.

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