Mornings are my Fav

Just wanted to check in and share a pic. Been a crazy month and it doesn't seem to be letting up. I'll post more when I have a second to spare but a quick story in the meantime!

My favorite time of day is between wake up and walking out the front door for work on the weekdays. We cram in so much quality time in those few hours...sometimes more so than when we've got a full day together!
From wake up, we cuddle on the couch, enjoy some milk and cereal, tickle and giggle, pull out the toy du jour and mess around - just enough time left to look presentable, take a shower and haul ass out the door and be exactly 10 minutes late. Daily. I LOVE it!
Today was her stroller. She picked up her teddy put him in the seat and pushed him in circles around the kitchen and hallway. She's always been a bit of a tease and thoroughly enjoys playing cat and mouse. Especially if she thinks she's pulled a fast one on me....little does she know my arsenal of tricks up my sleeve. She'll find out soon enough.
As predicted, I am loving her walking! She is getting into all kinds of mayhem and it's fantastic!


Jamie said…
adorable picture!

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