I never thought the day would come...

Finally! YES! Holy moly!!!!!!! Where'd this come from?!?!!

We have been joking for months about how she's enter kindergarten not walking. We picture her raising her hand, asking to go to the bathroom and scooting out the door since she hasn't yet taken the walking plunge. We've giggled about it often.

Yes, people continue to tell us that we're lucky she's not 100% mobile yet:
Enjoy this now because you know when she takes off....you'll really be in for it.
You better watch what you ask for....
Yeah, yeah, we know what we want. Her to walk. She is old enough now to know what she wants and where it is. She just can't get to it, this ensues some whining and frustration tears. We are ready for her to walk.

She took her first unassisted steps yesterday while Daddy was golfing, see I told you fun things happen when it's just her and me at the house....of course when he got home she didn't feel like showing off her new skills, poor Daddy misses out on all the fun!

She woke up this beautiful morning ready to brag about it and I was able to capture it. We're still wobbly. I'm hoping this week we'll practice, polish up and look less like she had one too many out on the boat.

Without further ado, our walking babe!

Hope you and yours have a great 4th!


Lisa Milan said…
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Us said…
Wahoo! Way to go F!
Jamie said…
YAY F!!! Congrats! It's gonna be time to loose some unwanted pounds while chasing her around the house! It's the greatest feeling to know you won't have to carry her around anymore! FREEDOM!

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