summer summertime, let's just sit back and

drink smoothies? Yes, The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff had it all wrong.

That's exactly what we did this morning. F and I made an amazing blueberry orange smoothie to share for our mid-morning snack while daddy is at the golf course....we always get messy when he is out for the day.

Do you think she liked it? While looking at this picture it is required to imagine her saying "cheeee-eese" (see last post)

.....and I think it is time to start saving now for braces. I think it might be necessary.
Before you get all up in arms about me thinking about braces for my just-over-a-year-old, know that I have a thing with teeth - call it a complex, I'm totally okay with it.

I believe I was in 2nd grade when I asked my mom what a "gap" was. She told me to go look in the mirror and smile. There are pleeeenty of other gap examples but she doesn't sugarcoat things. And why should she do it for a 7ish year old? I suppose it explains where my wit came from - I was taught by the best. (I know she's reading this. I love you MOREMOREMORE Mama).

I had braces twice. That's right, twice. The second time by choice at 20yrs old. I have a thing with teeth.



kristina said…
I fiercely love you both..... she is so amazing....more amazing everyday.
Us said…
So cute. You should try "green drink"'s T's fav. Spinach and strawberries. Mmmmm... I'd never touch the stuff, but he can't get enough!
I'll need to try that one! She couldn't get enough of this blueberry situation...

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