Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Finally caught up on our long weekend...
Sunshine, water, family and love!
Come rain, hose, pool, lake, tub or bucket. This child doesn't care as long as she's a part of it.

I present to you: My waterbabe!

Summer is our favorite time of year!


Homegrown is Always Better

This girl loves her oranges. So much so they are devoured whole - rind and all. Once it's picked off the tree I have approximately 10 seconds before she's lunging after that sweet fruit. Homegrown allows F to grind zest and all.

We've got it all at Casa de Augs....F's avo tree

I could just pinch these cheeks all day. She's beautiful.


Cindy Crawford In Training?

Ahhh, a little dried banana does wonders for an impromptu shoot....

What do you think? Cindy C. in training?

I should know better, she doesn't like being compared to anyone....


Monday, May 18, 2009

Pregnant Women are Smug

This video made my morning. Hilarious!
Hope you find the humor as well :)
Happy Monday!

......and yes, I see the irony of the hilarity of this and the last post. TYVM

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

rose colored glasses

Who knew that I'd ever use the word 'me' and 'optimist' in the same breath?

Not me. Ever. Ever.ever.

WTH happened to me? I think I'm softening in my old age....No, really though, I'm tough.

I have always seen the bright side for others. Ask my opinion on a sticky subject. I'll be the first to give you honest sunnyside advice. I have always seen the optimist view for you.
If asked, I'll tell you I'm the glass-is-half-empty-get-the-bartender-ready-for-another-round kinda gal (and not in the pity party for one way). Eesh, that makes it sound like it, right?
I've always seen it as life is tough and not always fair. Work it out. No one is going to make things happen for you. I dont think it's too far off, is it?

Something happened to me and I'm having a hard time pinpointing that moment.
Is it because I've found happiness in my mind and heart?
Beacause I've realized nothing is worse than wasting precious time on senseless drama?
Have I always been a closet optimist? NO, not me!

But every passing day makes me feel a little more hope than the last. Seeing the world through F's eyes has definitely given me a pair of rose colored glasses. Not the kind that makes your poo smell better than others - I'll never be that. I now see there is so much more to life than I ever thought.

And other than functioning daily off minimal sleep, sometimes cleaning poo off my elbows and habitually running 10-15 minutes late. She has given me a pair of RCG.

Thank you baby girl. In more ways than you'll ever know, I love you.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Giant Bummer

I have been looking forward to the weekend of May 9th for months. Months and months, in fact. Back before I became old and crotchety, I played field hockey with the most amazing group of girls. If you looked up team/teammate/friend4life in the dictionary all the UCSB Field Hockey Giants would be pictured there.

Giant, you say? I thought that the UCSB mascot was a Gaucho? Correct, but the hockey girls turned themselves Giants early 2000 season. Once you go Giant you never go back! And if you don't know why we went from Gauchos to Giants, I'm not inclined to tell....

You see, we were the best and I'm not lying. Check us here. We were the ish. And with the bond we created over those couple years, it's not surprising that although we've spread our wings over several continents, we keep in touch and remain close. Some of my greatest college memories are with these ladies. They made my transistion into UCSB comfortable.

This was our 'Giant Reunion 2009' weekend. Days and nights of fun, laughter and memories. Our plans came to a skreeching hault this past Tuesday. The Jesusita fire had other plans for us and tens of thousands of SBians. It is still tearing through the gorgeous beach town as I speak. Jenny had a front row seat and has kept not only us updated but CNN as well. Thankfully, she and her family evacuated safely this afternoon.

I'm bummed this weekend didn't turn out as we had all wished but hopefully we'll get our raincheck next month. Please keep all the displaced families in your thoughts and hope the weather starts giving the firefighters some relief. We're thinking about you!

Missing you Giants! I can't wait to see you soon.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ahhhh Haaaaa!

After a tumultuous week of fever peaks and valleys....I found it! She was so out of character last week. It wasn't the swine nor an ear infection, there had to have been an explanation.
Well, F has sprouted two molars. One on each side. No doubt these buds were the reason our week was hellish. She's finally sleeping again and I'm no longer feeling like Kanga with my Little Roo. As you know, teething doesn't agree with F. But they're nearly through and this week will bring more smiles than cries.

The little one started swim lessons not too long ago here. We ventured out to the lake a few times last summer and she wasn't too keen on the water. Although she had just gotten out of floating for 9 months. We get it, she needed a break.
It's so great to see her smiling and having fun. I can't wait to take her out to the heat for the first time this season in a couple weeks. FUN! Bring on the sunshine!

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