rose colored glasses

Who knew that I'd ever use the word 'me' and 'optimist' in the same breath?

Not me. Ever. Ever.ever.

WTH happened to me? I think I'm softening in my old age....No, really though, I'm tough.

I have always seen the bright side for others. Ask my opinion on a sticky subject. I'll be the first to give you honest sunnyside advice. I have always seen the optimist view for you.
If asked, I'll tell you I'm the glass-is-half-empty-get-the-bartender-ready-for-another-round kinda gal (and not in the pity party for one way). Eesh, that makes it sound like it, right?
I've always seen it as life is tough and not always fair. Work it out. No one is going to make things happen for you. I dont think it's too far off, is it?

Something happened to me and I'm having a hard time pinpointing that moment.
Is it because I've found happiness in my mind and heart?
Beacause I've realized nothing is worse than wasting precious time on senseless drama?
Have I always been a closet optimist? NO, not me!

But every passing day makes me feel a little more hope than the last. Seeing the world through F's eyes has definitely given me a pair of rose colored glasses. Not the kind that makes your poo smell better than others - I'll never be that. I now see there is so much more to life than I ever thought.

And other than functioning daily off minimal sleep, sometimes cleaning poo off my elbows and habitually running 10-15 minutes late. She has given me a pair of RCG.

Thank you baby girl. In more ways than you'll ever know, I love you.


Jamie said…
Awww! See, just a great example of how kids don't change your life, they just add to it and make it better!
janemartini said…
jo are amazing and always will be...a little side tracked, distracted, annoyed....just part of the path...all is well!
kristina said…
so sweet jo mamma....

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