Ahhhh Haaaaa!

After a tumultuous week of fever peaks and valleys....I found it! She was so out of character last week. It wasn't the swine nor an ear infection, there had to have been an explanation.
Well, F has sprouted two molars. One on each side. No doubt these buds were the reason our week was hellish. She's finally sleeping again and I'm no longer feeling like Kanga with my Little Roo. As you know, teething doesn't agree with F. But they're nearly through and this week will bring more smiles than cries.

The little one started swim lessons not too long ago here. We ventured out to the lake a few times last summer and she wasn't too keen on the water. Although she had just gotten out of floating for 9 months. We get it, she needed a break.
It's so great to see her smiling and having fun. I can't wait to take her out to the heat for the first time this season in a couple weeks. FUN! Bring on the sunshine!


Jamie said…
Awww! Those big ol' cheeks will keep her afloat! She's so dang cute!
MeganD said…
City Gym Pool??? Ohhhh the memories!!!

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