Sunday, February 27, 2011

Guess who broke a tooth?

This girl.
picture credit to big sis.

 She has been working on about 4 teeth and the first one broke skin today. Woohoo.  She also starts her first day at a new program tomorrow. 

Big things happen when you round the corner to 8 months.  

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Off to the Stylist.

Remember when I gave F a quick snip with my eyebrow scissors

I don't think I did half bad. 

I also didn't think that it would take 5 months for her to look like a ragamuffin again.  I dropped her off to school last week and hit the wall of embarrassment.  She refuses to let me brush it most mornings and because my arm hair is thicker than the strands on her head, she has the worst case of bed head.

Off we went to the kids hair stylist. 

One final smile before her 1st haircut ever.

A quick spritz.

It took her a few minutes to warm up to the seat.

But was easily enticed by the thought of a first haircut lolipop.

Voila.  All smiles and ragamuffin no more.

The funniest thing about being a few weeks shy of 3 and getting your first haircut.  They save your cut locks and present you with a certificate.  It reads "Baby's First Haircut."

Ummm.  Baby?  Huh.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Animals & Us

We've had some random weather - even by SoCal's winter standards.  Lots of rain, sunshine and 70s, windy as hell and then cloudy with a chance of meatballs the next hour. Madness.

We had a chance to whoop it up down south this past weekend.  A friend's son's birthday party that was run into the house twice with downpours but the pinata was beat to shreds and the kids fished through the prizes inside.  F had an opportunity to put in a few swings.  She dug it.

Post party, we hopped back on the 5 and headed downtown SD to our "new house" for the night.  Every time we stay in a hotel, F thinks we've moved in for good.  Subsequently, she says she doesn't want to go home but wants to go to the "new house."  If only room service and a maid were a daily occurrence.  Oh the life!

I wrapped up some work in the morning and we headed out to the infamous SD Zoo.  First off, $40 to get into the zoo?!  Call me cheap but wha?!  I love our local zoo, small and quaint and not $40 for admission.  If we lived closer we'd spring for the family membership but still the day passes are painstaking....::stepping off that soapbox::

The zoo was awesome.  Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my!  F enjoyed herself and Deucie poo had a great time people watching from her seat.
Check this monster sized elephant.  First time to see tusks on an elephant - pretty cool.
The camels are always interesting.  This one had a limp hump.

My favorite kind of animal.

The sea lions were pretty cute, too.

Then this little booger wanted to take the camera and show us the zoo from her perspective.



Then she had us posing in front of the trees.  No Mommy and Daddy over here. We got some cute chuckles from onlookers.


I took back over when she found her peeps.  The tongue is vital in finding balance on one foot.

And this guy was cool until Deuce started wailing.  He turned around and gave her the fist.  What up.

So much fun to get away for the night.  Little excursions are the best. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Something I haven't done in awhile.

A post about nothing in particular.  I must say the tumbleweeds have blown across this sad page of the world wide web far too much since I started my new job.  It's amazing how much working full time will do to the number of hours one used to spend surfing the net.  AND if said new job didn't require me to be a licensed real estate salesperson for the state, well you'd probably have seen more of me.

So since December 1 here is my typical day: wake, get the girls fed, dressed, teeth (and gums) brushed, jet off to drop off at school, come home hop in front of the computer, work work work, think about what to make for dinner, race out the door to pick up the girly girls, forget about executing the dinner thoughts (but, hey I thought about it!), chase the kids around (or take the family to the park to get out the energy, run a muck in the backyard or any other form of QT fam activity), toss together 4 major food groups, give the girls a bath, brush teeth/gums, read a story and put 'em down for the night, open up my textbooks and get to studying.  Oh wait, I forgot to toss in a tantrum or two in there.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  You get the idea. 

Where's the fun in that?  Tumbleweeds or bitching about being so busy I don't know up from down?

That's what I thought.  Tumbleweeds win.

I'm one final away to sitting for the state exam.  Once that is done, the stress of studying from 8PM till whenever I can't keep my eyes open anymore is over I'll be round these parts again.

I've been getting questions about a 3 year old's birthday party plans.

You read that right. F is going to be 3. Three. THREE?  Yup, next month.  ::insert expletives here::  I asked little girl what she wanted her party to be.  Best reply ever: black, pink and purple.  I'm going to have to get crafty and figure something out with the color theme.  We recently received an invite to one of her friend from school's birthday.  The invite says 3 hours of fun!  Magic show, face painters, food, a surprise guest and MUCH MUCH more!  Huh?  What more can you jam into 3 hours?  I'm envisioning party a la Kennedy Armstrong, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I hope my girl doesn't feel slighted.  She ain't gonna get that kinda party anytime soon.

And I'm fairly certain Deuce will be walking by then and make the Guinness Book of World Records for quickest member of our family to toddle.  F never crawled.  I tried and I willed and she didn't.  At 15 months, I had to make her do it.  We spent half the day in the backyard while daddy was golfing, I held her up and backed up further and further until she got a clue.  And this time around I could be begging Deuce to stop growing so quickly.  Of course she won't.  I've lowered her mattress to the bottom setting in her crib in hopes of her not pulling herself up.  She does it anyway and will holler when she can't get herself down.  Try that at 2AM. 

She's also about ready to break 4 teeth from what I see budding on her gum line.  Go girl!  That is one milestone I'm more than happy to get done and move on.  Teething blows.

I had my 30 + 1 birthday in January.  A few friends joined us in Temecula for wine tasting.  Oh please go if you have a day and a night to spare.  My birthday fared the gorgeous 75* weather we had for that week and nothing is tastier than friends and gorgeous vineyards in the afternoon sunshine. Ask for Debbie and tell her some crazy, rambling acquaintance sent ya.  She is a phenom tour guide and got us into the greatest vineyards.  BIG ups to Deb!

Hmmm, what else?  We've all been fighting whatever nasty virus is going around.  I had the girls home all week last - one with the poops and the other with a fever.  Awesome.  And just when they are on the up tick, I come down with it.  Fever of 101.7ish all weekend.  My spine feels like someone has been using it as a punching bag and I'm guessing my ear ache is an infection.  Here's to hoping I can get myself into the doc tomorrow.  I was thinking the last time I fell ill was October 2009?  Just before I found out I was pregnant with Deuce.

I think you're up to speed.  I'll keep you posted on whatever crappy bug I've got.  My back and neck are hurting more by the minute.  I'm going to get moving to bed.

Hold on.  How could I possibly forget?  Our iMac circa 2005 took a dump right around the time we bought this place and has been hiding in our closet ever since.  Newborn to 8 month F pictures, honeymoon, all the dating adventures the hubs and I managed to squeeze in before kiddies.  What an amazing treat to get all those pics out and on the external hard drive.  Always back up, people!  When I have more than 20 minutes I'll share some oldies - pre-kid days when our skin looked younger, our eyes were black circle free.  Glory days. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Deuce: Watch Me Grow - 7 months

Dude. She's seven months.

How have 7 months passed?

Seriously. I have no clue. The only way I could keep her still to snap a couple pics was grass.  She had no idea how to handle it between her chubby fingers.
Blog deuce 7

Wanna see a couple outtakes?  I thought so.
Ewww, what is this?
deuce blog 7mo1

Oh, Ma.  You're so funny.
blog deuce 7mo2

I'll blink twice (and might post a couple more times) be back here for her 8 month parade.  Why does time move so quickly when you don't want it to and crawl when you need it to?

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