Deuce: Watch Me Grow - 7 months

Dude. She's seven months.

How have 7 months passed?

Seriously. I have no clue. The only way I could keep her still to snap a couple pics was grass.  She had no idea how to handle it between her chubby fingers.
Blog deuce 7

Wanna see a couple outtakes?  I thought so.
Ewww, what is this?
deuce blog 7mo1

Oh, Ma.  You're so funny.
blog deuce 7mo2

I'll blink twice (and might post a couple more times) be back here for her 8 month parade.  Why does time move so quickly when you don't want it to and crawl when you need it to?


kristina said…
so fast....... before you know it she will be 18 and we will be drinking wine gossiping along with her. LOL

love you both
Beautiful girl! WOW even I can't believe 7 months already.

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