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We've had some random weather - even by SoCal's winter standards.  Lots of rain, sunshine and 70s, windy as hell and then cloudy with a chance of meatballs the next hour. Madness.

We had a chance to whoop it up down south this past weekend.  A friend's son's birthday party that was run into the house twice with downpours but the pinata was beat to shreds and the kids fished through the prizes inside.  F had an opportunity to put in a few swings.  She dug it.

Post party, we hopped back on the 5 and headed downtown SD to our "new house" for the night.  Every time we stay in a hotel, F thinks we've moved in for good.  Subsequently, she says she doesn't want to go home but wants to go to the "new house."  If only room service and a maid were a daily occurrence.  Oh the life!

I wrapped up some work in the morning and we headed out to the infamous SD Zoo.  First off, $40 to get into the zoo?!  Call me cheap but wha?!  I love our local zoo, small and quaint and not $40 for admission.  If we lived closer we'd spring for the family membership but still the day passes are painstaking....::stepping off that soapbox::

The zoo was awesome.  Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my!  F enjoyed herself and Deucie poo had a great time people watching from her seat.
Check this monster sized elephant.  First time to see tusks on an elephant - pretty cool.
The camels are always interesting.  This one had a limp hump.

My favorite kind of animal.

The sea lions were pretty cute, too.

Then this little booger wanted to take the camera and show us the zoo from her perspective.



Then she had us posing in front of the trees.  No Mommy and Daddy over here. We got some cute chuckles from onlookers.


I took back over when she found her peeps.  The tongue is vital in finding balance on one foot.

And this guy was cool until Deuce started wailing.  He turned around and gave her the fist.  What up.

So much fun to get away for the night.  Little excursions are the best. 


Abbie Winter said…
oh mama, you are braver than me! good for you getting out! Tell Duece she has her work cut out. G does like older women!! between F's picture taking skills and her posing withe her peeps, I don't know what to do with myself!!!
kristina said…
looks like fun!!!! Thank god no rain.....loving F's photo skillz just sayin


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