school is here

Preschool year 2. 

She keeps telling me that she's going to be starting kindergarten soon.  It doesn't feel like it but if time continues to fly the way it has been, she's absolutely right.

The obligatory shot in front of the front door.  Remember how little she looked last year?

New school year calls for a new lunchie.  Whooo is getting so big?  Hardee-har-har.

Those Cons are really "go-fasters" and make her run super fast on the play yard!

Little sis wanted in on the action.  Can you see hear her saying cheeeeeese?

....and this one makes me laugh my ass off.  Both their personalities are shining through here.  Plus, F is going to wring my neck for parading such a lady-like pose to all my peers.... 
schoolday2 least she can laugh at herself.

Happy new school year, all!


Kate said…
Your little ones look so adorable! School going kids can just make you remember your school days , also in them you can relive your childhood!
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Erin Napier said…
Love this! Can't believe I've been reading since F was a newborn. Woah.
Aside from my mom and family, Erin you have to be one of my longest loyal readers. Big hugs to you!! xo

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