so big!

We took the girls to an early dinner the other evening.  When I mean early, I mean like 4:45PM.  Peeps aren't even off work at that hour. haha.  Obviously, we had the place to ourselves.  We decided to *get crazy* and let them sit on the same side of the table together.  Aren't you jealous?  This is pushing the envelope right now.  The hubs turned and looked at me after we ordered and said, "hello. I haven't seen you on this side of the table in ages."  It was refreshing to be able to snag a bite or two from his plate again.  He always orders the goooood stuff.

Look who's so big!

F hardly looks amused...but Deuce is still into it.  


The girls are such cuties Jo :-) Isn't it nice to be able to acutally sit next to your husband when the kids permit :-) he he
Jessica Hudson said…
They are so damn cute! They are looking more and more like each other. Adorable.

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