snip snip

If you recall, it took about 2 years and 11 months to get F's hair cut for the first time.  Deuce is a smidge over 1 year and she already had business in the front, party in the back.  So off to the stylist (read: cheap kids dresser) we went. 
Obviously, neither kid has any significant amount of hair to rid of.  When the kind lady with the scissors asked what she was to do with F's hair.  I got nothin' but a blank stare when I explained that F wants to grow her hair like Rapunzel.  After a few seconds, I awkwardly smiled and told her to clean it up.  Deuce, on the other hand, is growing locks at an incredible clip.  Those little blond curls were shaping early stages of a mullet.  Another blank stare and a "just clean it up, please." 


We have a couple bad asses on our hands.  These girls kicked the shit out of the two cry baby boys that were in there before and after us.  Those little buggers needed to sit on their Daddy's lap to get their hair done.  Ha! Not us.  Take that silly boys...


Love the before and after picture Jo!!! The girls are just too stinking cute :-)

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