pink nails

So this little one has been beggggggging to have her nails painted for quite awhile.  I have been on the fence as to "what age is appropriate" to paint her nails.  Now that she is a big 3 (and almost half) year old, I couldn't hold her off at the pass much longer.  For a few weeks I had said, "we'll do it tomorrow" and then she'd forget.  Then four days later, "Mommy, can you paint my nails today?"  The hubs and I were at Urban checking in and found some amazing hot pink polish.  I knew it would be the perfect surprise when we picked her up from school.

I don't think she liked it.  Do you?

Aaand the toes?  Pure 3 year old heaven.

the best part of painting 3 year old nails is that even I couldn't screw them up.


kim said…
She is to die for. Love.

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