Deuce: Watch me Grow - 9 months

For those who may still be checking in to see if my kids are still alive, they are.  If all goes well, I will be free and back to blogging soon.  Please send happy positive pass-that-test thoughts my way on the 14th.

Since I've been gone, a little girl you may know turned 3.  Holy balls where do the days go?  I've got a pinwheel party to talk about.  Come back in 3 months and I might have it all posted. LOL.  This was her a couple days before her big day.  She was a smidge disappointed she was losing the "terrible twos" as an excuse.

For now, I'll feel like a total blog failure if I don't continue to show Deuce in her birthday shirt on a consistent basis.

ma ma ma ma ma ma says the 9 month old.


Promise if you stick with me, I'll be back regularly.

Pinky promise.


Jamie said…
F looks like a teen celeb after a night of drinking, trying to get away from the Paparazzi! Haha!
I'm still here! I can't wait to hear about F's 3rd birthday party!! I can't believe B is 9 the time is flying.

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