Off to the Stylist.

Remember when I gave F a quick snip with my eyebrow scissors

I don't think I did half bad. 

I also didn't think that it would take 5 months for her to look like a ragamuffin again.  I dropped her off to school last week and hit the wall of embarrassment.  She refuses to let me brush it most mornings and because my arm hair is thicker than the strands on her head, she has the worst case of bed head.

Off we went to the kids hair stylist. 

One final smile before her 1st haircut ever.

A quick spritz.

It took her a few minutes to warm up to the seat.

But was easily enticed by the thought of a first haircut lolipop.

Voila.  All smiles and ragamuffin no more.

The funniest thing about being a few weeks shy of 3 and getting your first haircut.  They save your cut locks and present you with a certificate.  It reads "Baby's First Haircut."

Ummm.  Baby?  Huh.



Jamie said…
So funny we missed each other by days! I LOVE this place! I love F's little fly away hair, I guess we always want what we don't have!
Abbie Winter said…
she will always be your baby!!! :) still funny though!!
Haha Jamie. Is there only 1 Rainbow? And if you were in my neck of the woods without telling me, I'm going to be mad at you!

Abs: She will but so funny! I wonder the oldest "first cut" they've done is. Almost 3 has to be some sort of record :)

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