Punky in piggies: The Snack Hostess

Meet today's snack hostess all dolled up in piggies.  One of these days I hope she sheds the baby fine hair.  The wisp is killing me.
Big sister's school is up to snuff on health foods and push all kinds of fruit and veg to the kids.  My kinda school.

It's a great that she can down snap peas by the handful.  When I asked her what she wanted to take to share with her school friends - carrots, nap (read: snap) peas and cheese topped the list. 

Sidebar: I didn't realize how much we were going to love the Montessori method.  Bonus that her school runs their lessons parallel to that of the public school program so the kids are adequately prepared for kindergarten.  We love her school.  Even more, we love her teacher.

As part of hostess responsibility is to prepare snack for your friends - enter Montessori practical learning.  She and her teacher wash the veggies and prepare the snack for the class.  How awesome!  Much better than Mom picking up food and dropping it off without any ownership from her.  She loves it when it's her turn to share.

Care for some snacks?

Ignore the dusty floors and focus on her outfit.  She is fantastic at coordinating.
I love my Punky.


Jamie said…
The pic of her piggys is so beautiful!! She is so big!! Glad to hear about the school, good to know info!!
Erin Vernon said…
You tell that girl that I am totally diggin' her style!
I love the Montessori method too, it's great for fostering the development of young kids!
Abbie Winter said…
i want her!!! anytime you want to drop her off, let me know!!

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